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pizza hut hates customers

 so on my lunch break from work today i decided to get a pizzone ( or however the hell you spell it) from pizza hut. I have an hour lunch so i figured 20 minutes i could be back to my job and eating.....mistake.
I call in my order, a cheese and pepperoni p'zone, thats it. they say ok that will be 10-15 minutes. cool.
so i leave work after about 5 minutes of waiting figuring i'll get there just in time to grab my order and head back.
i get to pizza hut and after i wade through the four families waiting to be seated to get to the carry out counter. I tell them what i got and the kid looks at me and says "....are you sure?"  
me: "yeah this is the only pizza hut i have the number for and I spoke to Dan and gave my order"

him:  "i'm Dan and I dont remember you calling, we havnt had any p'zone orders for a couple hours."  (ummm yeah right)

me: "......?  alright no big deal. can I order one now then?"

him: "i guess.... "

excuse me for interupting your day guy who makes pizza for a job. So anyways i go and sit  off to the side at one of the fifteen or so empty tables and wait. While I'm waiting I'm watching all the people i walked through who were standing to be seated and are STILL standing there waiting. I looked around and like I said, there are tons of empty tables. There were literally like 4 occupied tables. I watch the 3 waitresses and two guys cooking all standing around in the back while the phone rings...and rings....and rings. not one of them seemed busy and not one of them answered the phone. After 10 minutes one waitress finally comes out and starts to seat people all flustered and annoyed. The last table she seated she didnt even say "this way" or "follow me" or anything she just kind of walked away from them and then after a minute came back and in a really loud annoyed voice says "OVER HERE." 2 of the four tables she seated had to come back to the counter to ask for silverware. Meanwhile another family walks in, 2 adults 2 teenagers, and a baby. They stand next to me and wait to be seated, still tons of empty tables still no waitresses. Also the people who had been seated before haven't even given their drink orders yet, the waitress had just seated them then dissappeared to the back again. The people still waiting to be seated asked me if i was also waiting to sit, i said no, i was just waiting for carry out but good luck getting seated and explained what i had seen a few minute before. So the lady goes to the counter and kinda waves to the group of employees who are just standing there chatting. she asks if they could get a table and they had been waiting for ten minutes ( which was an understatement actually)  one guy looks at her and sighs and says in a totally annoyed tone  "well we'll have to clear off a table."  ....ok....so do it. 
Let me mention that there are still 10 or so empty tables and two that have had dirty plates and stuff on them since i came in the door, at this point, 20 minutes ago. 
Also while all this is happening the phone has been ringing the whole time and not once did anyone answer it, so this rudeness towards customers definitley wasnt because thye were overwhelmed with alot of delivery orders or something, because anyone trying to call in an order wasnt even getting an answer. I realized now that i got lucky that someone even answered the phone when i had originally called.
So the lady says to the kid "ok we'll be right back, we are going to go outside for a second" he walks back to the back says something and one girl sighs and walks to the area where the people were standing. She looks at me and says were you waiting to be seated, again i say no that family was but they went outside for a second. She walks back over to her coworkers and says, "oh well, guess they left, too bad!" totally sarcasticly. A minute later the family walsk back inside and the kid  she originally spoke to says "you can sit over there" and just nods his head towards a table.  Let me just note that it was not a table they had to clear off it was clear already, the tables that were originally dirty when i came in a half hour earlier were STILL covered in empty cups and dirty plates ( although i did notice that somebody had picked up the tip already or the customers just hadnt left one)
a few minutes later my p'zone is finally ready and I leave after i had waited for a total of about 40 minutes for it. I was super late getting back from lunch and had to shovel down the whole thing just so I could eat and be back to work on time.
When I left I still hadnt seen the waitress get anyones drinks or orders yet. It was just such total lack of care or concern. I know we weren't at some super classy 5 star resteraunt or anything and I know they may hate their job, but it just seems like you should at least put a TINY amount of effort forward. The amazing thing to me is that all the customers who were treated like crap still were nice to the servers, no one got rude, they just looked super annoyed but stayed polite when asking for things that they shouldnt even have to ask for like silverware....or a seat.

anyways thats my pizza hut story, not so much bad service on me ( except for not writing down my original order and the long wait) but bad service all around. And i definitley won't be going there when I'm on any sort of time constraint
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