Miss Kitty (kittylair) wrote in bad_service,
Miss Kitty

If you value your money...

Do not spend it at  DW's Irish Pub that is located inside the Marriott Marina (that's right next to the Convention Center in San Diego).

During the convention we were late getting out the door to a Thai place we wanted to go to. Resigned that we needed something quick we went down to DW's.

I was unsure of what I wanted to eat so I said I'd get the tomato bisque and think about something else. The server walks away with our drink order (only one of us had a coke- the rest had waters). He comes back and takes the rest of the table's order.
My one roomie got a chicken salad and the last girl with us, Jenna, orders a cheeseburger.
I say I want just the soup. And the guy acts like he never heard me order the soup the first time he was at our table.
Ugh fine. I let this go.

Now I don't know what land Cheeseburger= BACON cheeseburger but at this place the Bacon is automatically applied since I asked for a cheeseburger at the pool later on in the week.
Somewhere Luke Ski is a happy man.

The burger is delivered with bacon to my dining partner and before she can send it back he's gone.
After five minutes we flag him down. Jenna explains that she hates the very SMELL of bacon and wants a new burger.
She keeps her fries and continues to eat with us.  Our water supply goes down and the minutes tick by.
Also my soup can not be classified as Bisque since it's watery and more tomato soup than anything.
The burger is brought back, dropped off and the guy hurries off. Jenna opens the bun and discovers that the cheese has a very bacon-y smell and in fact there is still a small piece of bacon on the burger. The guy is again waved down. We explain this is the SAME burger.
We want a NEW one that has never been touched by Bacon.
It's brought back to the kitchen. Our waters are now empty. I flag a near by server with a water pitcher. "All of our waters are empty can we get a refill?" I get a refill. No one else.
Two lady's are sat down nearby by our waiter and remark that the table isn't clean.
He comes back with Jenna's burger... except it's on two plates with new fries and it's split in half. She checks it. Same burger.
The waiter is told that the table is dirty. We flag him down and ask for his manager.

Finally 20 minutes after this escapade started we get results and within 10 minutes we have a new burger to Jenna's specifications.
The Burger is comp'd and 20% is taken off the rest of the meal.
The people at the dirty table have by this point (20 minutes after the manager came by our table) gone up to the manager to complain about the dirty table and the service.

The place wasn't that busy. The service was just as incompetent as the kitchen.

We left two pennies and our disgust at the table.
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