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This one needs a tiny bit of backstory:
I live in Canada. I am moving to England next month. There's this awesome visa that allows a citizen of a Commonwealth country unlimited clearance to live and work within the UK for 5 years. (This makes becoming a Naturalised citizen easier.) One of the requirements to obtain this visa is proof of heritage, i.e. your grandparent's birth certificate that proves they were born in England. No problem.
There are limited cities in which one can apply for this visa, VACs are not available everywhere.

I am staying rent-free with a friend whilst I accrue funds and get together my papers for this visa. There is someone else moving in September 1st, so my due date for departure is August 31st. I have no place after that. Coolio, I can handle this time limit, whatevs.

Over one month ago, I put in my order for an express delivery despatch and service; This means my certificate I have ordered will be shipped AMAZ0RINGFAST.
Defined as, within 2 business days to find and ship the certificate. Allow for approx 5 business days to ship. This is 60GBP, or $120. I paid them.

I waited. I let them know 2 weeks later I had not received the certificate, and I received on July 3rd, an e-mail saying, "Coincidentally, we received your certificate back to us this morning saying that you had moved? Please review the attached scanning of the envelope. We can send this to you again or another nominated person. Thanks!"

They had forgotten to put my apartment number on the envelope. I had specified to please be sure not to forget this, during the ordering process. I am not on the lease so of course when the mail department of my building gets this they're going to send it back because my name is not on the tenant list. The letter had to be signed for, which is why it went through the department and not straight to the mailing department.

Very politely I asked them to be sure to put my apartment number on it when re-shipped, and please to let me know when it was despatched so that I could check with the mail department.
No reply.
I waited a week. Nothing. No reply, no certificate. I waited another week. Nothing. No reply, no certificate. All my e-mails were very polite, included my order reference ID, and also included the corrected address.

So I sent them another e-mail. No response. I wait a few days. I send another e-mail. No response. Another couple days. No response. I sent another e-mail from another address to verify that my e-mails were being received. No response to that one, either.
I phone their goddamn office in England, - which is very expensive for me and my friend since I had to use his cellphone to make the call - And I left a message. Twice. The machine says someone will be in touch with you within one business day. That was one week ago.

It is the 30th of the month today, over a month since I ordered the thing, and I have received NOTHING. No certificate that I paid OUT THE ASS for to get QUICKLY, not even a fucking e-mail, no phone call, NOTHING to even assure me that the thing is on its way. I need this certificate quickly because the visa in itself takes time to process and I am running on a very limited timeframe! Do I have to be aggressive? Do I have to be rude to get things done? Do I have to be loud and ignorant and cause shit? This isn't fair. I want to be a nice person, but I absolutely cannot stand being ignored like this. It's caused me so much stress worrying about my timeframe. Being forced to sit on my ass like this because of someone else is just infuriating.

So today, I horked up more cash and purchased another, express delivery and service, from BMD. Within 2 hours, I received an e-mail detailing the certificate they had found that matched my description and that it would be mailed the next day, as well as confirming my address it was to be shipped to. They gave me the service I deserved.

So should I ask for my $120 back from Vital England?
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