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Another update to this problem.

So, come today, I still hadn't received a reply from Mr. Furniture. I have no idea if he answers emails on the weekend - all their stores are open, but I guess head office might not be? Anyhow, I figured I'd call the store in question and ask to speak to the manager, because I didn't want this to fall to the wayside for ages and then the saleswoman to say "What lamp?" later on.

So I called and asked to speak to a manager, and lo and behold, Elaine comes on the phone. I asked if she was a manager, and she said she was 2IC. So, I said I wanted to make a complaint because I hadn't received my free lamp. She knew who I was almost straight away.

M: "I'm calling because I have a complaint to make, regarding a free lamp I was promised due to a delivery mixup with my couch -"
E: "(suburb), love?"
M: Yes.
E: "I'm delivering that one to you, love, I'll drop it around to you. I haven't forgotten you, we've been so busy!"
M: "Yes, but you were meant to deliver it on Friday. And before that, Wednesday."
E: "We've just been flat out, and we were SO busy on Friday I didn't leave the store until 9pm, love. I've just had so much on, I guess I should have called you."
M: "So when will it be delivered?"
E: "I'll drop that around tonight, love. I have some other things to do in (suburb) so I'll drop it around tonight. I do apologise, love."
M: "Ok. Thank you."

I love the way she didn't apologise until right at the very end. We'll see if it gets here tonight - I have absolutely no faith that it will. I hate the way she kept calling me love, she put it on the end of almost every sentence. And I fail to see how the STORE being busy precludes her from delivering me a lamp AFTER HOURS that she promised to do last Wednesday. They close at 5:30pm most nights, they're only open late one night and that's Thursday. I really don't see why she hasn't just put it on a delivery truck that's going to be near my suburb. She said when we ordered the couch that the delivery guys finish up in my area.

EDIT: No lamp! I will be calling again tomorrow morning, although I'm a bit at a loss as to what to do. We could do this dance forever, with her promising and not delivering.
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