sweetbums (sweetbums) wrote in bad_service,

A horrible dining experience!

The bf and I were in a bit of a hurry today but decided to go to Friendly's for breakfast. Now, mind you I was a waitress at another Friendly's for 1 year or so. Anyway, we had a coupon for a buy one get one free sizzling breakfast (your choice of meat, homefries, eggs, toast, fruit). So the boyfriend LOVES sausage. He always orders it for breakfast. Hence, he chooses the sausage sizzler and I chose the combo (bacon and sausage). The food takes forever to come out. Finally, it comes out cold. The worst part though, is that he got bacon instead of sausage. So, I tell her that he ordered the sausage sizzer, not bacon. She says "ooh, ok" and comes back out with ANOTHER PLATE OF BACON and says "here's a little extra bacon for you". It's like she didn't listen to use for the second time. So I again say "no! He ordered SAUSAGE not bacon". Finally, it hits her and she goes back to the kitchen. She comes out with sausage, but with half the amount there is supposed to be.

Okay, we were fuming. It was a horrible experience.
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