Tracy (pickle_breath) wrote in bad_service,

Old Bad Service

This is from a bit ago- but I didn't know about this community back then!

I was with my high school's Science Club (We were proud nerds.) in Boston. We had planned a big trip to go to the aquarium and then see a shark iMax movie that was playing. We go through the aquarium, love the fishies and penguins. When it's about an hour before the movie starts we head to the imax box office to give them our internet confirmation numbers to get our actual tickets to the show. We give them the numbers, and they take forever with the computer. They call the manager, they look things up. All the while not answering us(well, the teacher/chaperone) when we asked what was wrong, etc. etc. Finally a manager tells us that they had over-sold the movie, and there were no more seats available. Thankfully, they offered to give us coupons for free passes to any show in the next month or so. We take the passes (which have a handwritten expiration date and the manager's signature on it.) and go on our merry movie-less way home.

Next week, we start looking up imax movies we'd want to go see, pick one and set up another trip to boston. which requires permission slips, getting money for gas/food, getting it approved by the school, a whole bunch of hassle.

We get there, we're excited for the movie, we get to the box office to show our passes and get in line. The cashier looks at our passes for a long time. then tells us in a not-so-polite tone that we had faked these passes, as the expiration date read "Feb. 30" and if we wanted to see the movie we'd have to pay. We asked to see the manager, and was told s/he was on her lunch break and was unreachable (side note: EVERY manager I've had wasn't ALLOWED to be unreachable when working- even on their lunch break!) We insist that since another manager's signature was on there we did not fake them. We tell her the entire story about our last trip and she just sat there with a look on her face that said "yeah right lady, stop trying to scam me".

We decided to wait until the manager came back from lunch, S/he didn't get back until after the movie had started. My chaperone (kickass science teacher) argued for a good long while with this manager that we had not faked the passes, we had been given them for an oversold movie. The manager then went on about a theater policies, I forget the details, but remember that is basically went against everything the first-pass-giving manager told us about the oversold movie. Then the manager accused us of being incompetent thieves and told us to leave.

After many many many emails between the website that sold us the tickets and the theatre management we got a refund right before the summer break. From then on, we just rented movies and watched them on the gym wall.
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