a corgi-dorable girl (athenagrace) wrote in bad_service,
a corgi-dorable girl

Hi, yes, I want my 225.00 please

I takes a lot for me to get irritated, but this one takes the cake:

Setting: Dermatologist's office

This suck built up on so many different levels.
First: I was refered to a derm by my GP. There is an office for said derm in the same complex as my GP. I call derm, schedule an appointment.  All gravy, right? Go to my appointment, office is closed? Confused, I call the office. Oh, they have 14 different offices, and I'm booked at the one 35 miles south. I am not going to make my appointment, so I reschedule. Please note that for each time, 3 times total, when asked why I'm booking the appointment, I say a full body skin check.

Arrive at the second appointment. Two receptionists are there, flirting with a Fed-Ex guy. I sign in, and am told "Move down (the counter) and fill out the privacy form." I would have liked a "please," but that's not suck worthy. "Picture ID and insurance card." Ok, can you speak to me in full sentances please? I wait, get both back, and wait a minute because I know there are other forms to fill out. I get the forms, fill, them out, and return to submit them and pay my copay. She runs my credit card, and here is where the fun begins.

I get my slip and look at the amount. 250.00 bucks. My copay is 25. Coincidentally, I just encountered this situation for the first time with My Comic Book Guy who accidentally punched in 3 bucks for 30 dollars worth of stuff. (I did correct him and pay 27 after that.)
"Oops, this went through for 250.00"
*Not meeting my eye.* Yeah, medicine is expensive these days.
"Oh, I know, but my co-pay is 25."
"This is a specialist."
"I understand, but my copay is 25 for both general and specialists. See?" (It's printed ON THE CARD.)
*She finally looks at card and CC slip* "That is 25 dollars."
"No, it's two five zero dot zero zero. That's 250.00."
"You'll have to take it up with your CC company."
"No. My CC can't refund a partial payment, and it's not fraud if I authorize it."
Then she rolls her eyes at me. I HATE that! Massivly.
"Let me speak with your office manager. Now."

The office manager apologizes, fixes the mistake quickly, tells me to call if 250.00 shows up on my credit card. Easy peasy.
The icing on the cake was that I get back to the doctor, and I find out I haven't been booked for a full body check, even though I asked for it. the doctor apologized several times.

It really pisses me off that the office manager and the doctor apologized for this girl's incompetance.

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