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Going to the movies

I don't really think this was bad service, but it really made me mad.

I went to Movie Tavern a week ago with a friend to see Hellboy 2.  My friend was in line before me, and bought her ticket, no big deal.  Then I went and asked for one ticket to Hellboy 2, and the lady asks to see my ID.

Now I'm eighteen years old.  Getting carded for a PG-13 movie is pretty damn insulting, if I do say so myself, especially when your holding car keys and a pack of cigarettes in your hand.  I don't look very young either; people always tell me I look and act older than I am.  I asked her why she needed to see my ID, and she didn't give me a reason and asked for my ID again.  I could've at least got an excuse, because l've never been carded for a PG-13 movie, not even when I was thirteen.  I then proceeded to ask the question again, and get the same answer.  I was offended at this point, but not wanting to cause a scene, showed the woman my ID.  She then proceeded to sell me my ticket without another word.  Not even an apology.


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