VjeraNadaLjubav (vjeranadaljubav) wrote in bad_service,

Amtrak Terrorist

Well, I am not sure if this counts as a bad service...

I was on the Amtrak train from NYC to DC, just before the Republican Convention. In front of me sat an Israeli guy, looking generically Middle-Eastern. I am intolerant of stupid and racist people, and I have a quick temper, which plays somewhat of a role in this story. The conductor guy comes in, starts yelling at the Israeli guy and makes him open his bag so he can look at the contents, if I remember right. I cringe, and shoot Glare-of-Doom (tm) at the asshole's back. Next is my turn. I have 4 bags with me, and I have not had the time to put all of them up - my laptop backpack and my food bag were next to me on the seat. The asshole begins yelling at me to put my bags up so they can be always in his view - superspecial RNC security measures. I say, in a calm tone, "Sir, you don't have to be rude." And thar he blows! He asks me sarcastically if I heard the announcement about the bags, to which I say I didn't and begins repeating the spiel about putting bags up like a broken record, in an angry whiny voice. I begin to get pissed off, and remind him that yes, thanks, I got it now, I just need to remove some small items from my bag. But that doesn't satisfy him, and after repeating the story about the bags he begins screaming at me, ending his speech with the promise to throw me off the train on the next stop and get the police to arrest me for breaking security rules. Finally, he found elsewhere to be and I just sat there, thinking "Wow, apparently I am a terrorist now, by not putting my bag with many, many breakable items and a laptop on the overhead rack, thus making it easier to steal." Anyways, should I let Amtrak know about this? It was a while ago, but such assholishness shouldn't be condoned, IMHO.

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