Jacqueline (staying__gold) wrote in bad_service,

service at starbucks--not terribly bad, just a little annoying

As I said in the subject line, I wouldn't consider this bad service, but just kind of annoying. Now, I've never been a barista but I've had my fair share of coffee drinks. I went into a Starbucks inside a Barnes and Noble today and looked at the menu. One of the drinks was a "Cafe breve," which I've never seen before at any Starbucks. I asked the cashier what it was and she said it was an espresso beverage with half and half instead of milk. I figured, eh, why not try something new? So I ordered it, only to have her give me a weird look and say, "Um... it's just half and half instead of milk so you'd add it yourself......" I then pointed out that it was right on the menu and she looked back and said "........oh." Then I think she repeated that you make it yourself.

Whatever, it didn't sound too great so I then ordered a cafe con leche. Starbucks used to list this as a menu item but it's been pulled off. She then proceeded to tell me that they didn't have the proper materials to make it. I didn't really think much of it so I just ordered a mocha, simple enough. As soon as she told me that, though, I had a feeling that she probably didn't know what it was, since I thought a cafe con leche is just coffee with milk (I like getting it iced since it's pretty cheap and good). I just looked it up online and yes, it is a coffee drink with milk and sugar added. So wouldn't the cafe have, well, coffee, milk, sugar, and ice? Unless there's some special way of making it that I'm not sure about? Even though I know I can order an iced coffee and add milk and sugar myself, somehow the amount of milk that they add to the drink is just right, which is why I wanted to order it in the first place.
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