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Update to furniture suck

An update to this situation.

As predicted, Elaine did not deliver the lamp on Friday evening. We were home all the time, so I know we didn't miss her. I have looked at Fantastic Furniture's website, and it states if you can't resolve your complaint by calling the store, you should email "Mr Furniture". As demeaning as that is, I have composed and sent an email to the mythical "Mr Furniture", so we'll see how that goes. I'm unsure whether to leave it until I get a reply, or to go down to Fantastic Furniture over the weekend and retrieve the damn thing myself.

Dear Mr Furniture,

On 20th July, I purchased a "Leigh" Click Clack couch in Licorice from your Windsor Gardens store. The couch was in stock, and we arranged delivery for Tuesday the 22nd of July. The saleswoman's name was Elaine. We paid in full, including the delivery fee of $65, on the spot. It is also worth noting that while we were perusing the couch, Elaine told us that the arms were able to be removed, either to be used as a pillow or for more leg room.

On Tuesday 22nd July, at 16:00, our couch had not been delivered. I called the number on the invoice (08) 8369 2721 and spoke to Carlos in the warehouse. Carlos liased with the store and called us back and stated that our delivery was meant to take place on 24th July. As I was told Tuesday, and Tuesday was written on my invoice, I asked if the couch could be delivered that day, as I had already moved my old couch out of the house. Carlos said he would call back. Elaine then called, and said they could not possibly deliver the couch that day, and that she had called 3 courier companies to confirm this. I then asked for a partial refund of the delivery fee for the inconvenience, and Elaine offered me a lamp in lieu of this. I accepted the offer of the lamp and we agreed the couch would be delivered at 10:30 Wednesday morning.

At approximately 09:30 Wednesday morning, Elaine called my mobile and said that the delivery men were on their way, and that she had forgotten to put the lamp on the truck, but she would deliver it personally that evening. She did not apologise for the delivery date mixup that was her fault. The couch arrived, and we discovered that the arms are actually meant to be screwed in, and in addition are quite hard and unsuitable as pillows. We waited at home all Wednesday evening, but Elaine never delivered the lamp.

I called the Windsor Gardens store on Thursday afternoon and asked to speak with Elaine. She confirmed she did not deliver the lamp on Wednesday evening, and neither apologised nor offered a reason why she did not. She then offered to deliver it Friday evening between 18:00 and 19:00. I agreed to this.

However, Friday evening came and went and Elaine did not deliver the lamp once more. At this stage I am quite annoyed, because Elaine told me herself she lives quite close to me and it would be no problem to deliver the lamp. I would appreciate it if you could give this matter your attention, as I am unimpressed with the service given so far.

The invoice number for our delivery is: 27199. My name is Kirsty XXXXX, and my address is XXXXX. My mobile number is XXXXX.


Kirsty XXXXX


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