The unPossible (plushabilities) wrote in bad_service,
The unPossible

This Is Advisement?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of registering for classes at the local community college for the Fall semester.

Now, you're not allowed to just come in and register for classes. It has to be on a Thursday and they have to give you an invitation for you to attend. Everyone who was to register yesterday got a letter in the mail stating the date, the building they were to go into, and that they would have advisers there to lead and assist in rescheduling and registering.

So I got there a little early and went inside to find a crowd of my peers. No big deal, the letter said it'd be a group thing. When the time comes around we all checked in and went to sit at our appropriate tables.

This is where the suck begins. At the table were are given a sheet with the mandatory classes for our major, the Fall schedule, and a scheduling sheet. We were told that we had to fill our entire schedule out, sections in particular, before being allowed to register for class on the computer. We all wrote down the course names, numbers, and section numbers that we wanted and funneled off to the computers-

-only to be told that most classes were already filled up and that we were NOT to enter the section numbers we'd just spent a half hour to find.

Now, here's a little information. The computers were arranged in groups of about five, with an adviser assigned to each group. 1:5, not bad. Only, the lady who was supposed to be helping us and explaining things couldn't be bothered to actually talk to us: she was too busy chatting with the adviser for the group next to us. And when we COULD get her attention, she'd give us a sarcastic remark, as if we were somehow stupid for not knowing specific information about the registration program in advanced.

The last straw was when our so-called adviser left IN THE MIDDLE OF HELPING ONE OF HER GROUP to ask who we thought was her supervisor if she could go to lunch. While we watched dumbstruck the super nodded and our 'helper' left.

We were all able to figure things out eventually by helping each other, but it still strikes me as bad service to be sarcastic to your customers, to chat instead of helping them, and to leave the middle of assisting one.

I probably should have been able to predict this after the fiasco of their individual advisement program, but that's a story for another day.

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