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JC Penny

This is my first time posting, and this may be small, but it really irritated me to no end.

My mother bought my son (who is 1) a baby outfit with a sunhat at JC Penny this past Saturday. Of course, she got it in a size 6-9 months, and it in no way, shape or form fit him. She gave me both the original reciept and the gift reciept. I left them in the bag, and it got thrown out somehow. Thus, no reciepts.

Tried the outfit on him anyway, since it was cute, and lo and behold it didn't fit. Outfit still has tag on it that says 'Reduced sale - 6.99'.

Went to JC Penny (I've never been in one in my life) and to the first cashier I saw. It was an older lady, she was all happy and smiley until I said I wanted to return something without a reciept. Then it became, "Oh. Well I don't know if I can do it without one." Ummm, k? I want store credit, I used to work retail, I get the policy, no biggie. She keeps insiting she can't do it without it, and I have to go over to kids and if they can't do it, to another register. I asked her to at least TRY, since I have a one year old, and he's not going to sit still in his stroller long enough for me to go to 2 or more registers to return one small item. She sighs, scans the tag, hits return, then turns the screen to me and says, "SEE? It wants to know the date it was bought and all this information I don't have since you don't have the reciept."

Ook, lady. I can tell you the date, my mother bought it here, at this VERY store, on Saturday afternoon. "OH. I really think you should go over to kids, I really can't do it."

Sigh. Fine. Where's kids? She points it out, I walk over there, see a clearance rack and stop (I'm a sucker for cheap baby clothes lol) see a completely different outfit for $1.47 and am overjoyed. That means I'll still have $5 something in store credit and if all their clothes are this cheap, I can get a few more things once I am alone and able to shop!

Bring the new outfit and the old outfit up to the kids register. Explain the lady in the front didn't know how to do a return without a reciept, and I just wanted to swap these two and get the additional money on a gift card. The cashier kinda nods at me and starts the transaction. Two seconds later, she asks me to sign a reciept and starts putting the new outfit in a bag. I sign, wait, and then once she hands me the bag, ask if the rest of the credit is going to be put on a card for me.

"Oh. It was an even exchange."

Ummmm what? The tag says 6.99?

"Well, yeah. But we're doing markdowns. You get the lowest price for 30 days since you don't have the reciept."

So in LESS than one week, the outfit went from 6.99 to 1.47, which just HAPPENED to be the price of the new outfit I got? How coincidental! (I said this to her, and her response was to shrug and to tell me to have a nice day.)

So I went over, talked to a manager, she said if I can get my mother's credit card number and know the day she bought the outfit, they can sort the whole thing out. Ok. Fine.

I got home, and just on a hunch, called JC Penny and asked if I gave them a UPC # could they tell me how much something cost? (The UPC for original outfit was on the exchange reciept.) Give them the #, they say, "It's 2.47."

2.47. So... Where did my dollar go? They marked it down to 1.47, then back up to 2.47 in 30 days? I'm really confused. It's just a dollar, yes, but the stupid cashier lied to me. And it's not even just that dollar, it's the fact that it definitely says 6.99 on the tag. I get the lowest sales price, but she didn't even bother asking me or trying to help me look up the reciept.

My mother is going to call in with her credit card number later, and I'm getting the other $5 whatever I'm owed so I can be cheap and buy more clothes for my ever-growing son, lol.

So, in summary, JC Penny is stupid and doesn't know how to sell/return markdown items, apparently.
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