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Bad Vet Service

So, this is really hard to write about, really, but something today really was the last straw in this saga, so I really need to vent.

I used to have a cat, Holly...

Hollybed Here she is in my bed. Or was it hers?

Basically, Holly was the first "real" pet of mine, and was getting old when I went to university last year. We just thought she was old, but kept taking her to the vet to check it out as she was a bit off her food.

First time they said she was a bit thin, but just give her more naughty food.
Second time they said it was a hairball, and gave her some medication.
Third time they said she had put on weight since last time, so was fine, stop fussing.
Fourth time they were REALLY snotty, and have us more hairball medication and a talking to about not to fuss, she was just getting old. (They were happy to take our money, mind)
Fifth time she had gotten really thin, and was coughing more, so we took her, more hairball medication was given and a hefty dose of eye-roll.
Late last year we woke up and she just wouldn't stop huffing and coughing, it was really bad so we rushed her to the vet. They said she was just old and her lungs were weak, but they'd do a run of tests (at £200!).
Holly died when they put her under for the tests.

Turns out she had stomach cancer all that time, and it had gotten so bad that was why she couldn't eat so well. The tumor was so big that it was squashing her lungs and leaking fluid into them - when they put her under, she drowned.
We had to pay for all the tests, and they cremated her with all the other animals without asking.

Cut to today - when we took her to the vet that last time we left her in her carry basket, as was told to. They put a tag on to say it was ours. Mum wants a new kitten, and has been too upset to ring the vets and ask for the basket - but thought they must've put it aside or would've rung her if they wanted it taken away. Turns out they "took it to the tip." A £40 carry basket? Needless to say, New Kitten will not be visiting that vet.

Edit: Wow, thank you everyone for your kind words and comments - the vets was the Oundle Vet Surgery, which is in Oundle, near Peterborough, UK.
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