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Mild furniture suck

Recently my husband and I got our tax money back, and it was quite a bit more than we were expecting. I've wanted a three seater couch for ages, because our two seater was secondhand, falling apart and really uncomfortable.

So, we looked around a bit online and found a three seater "click clack" couch at Fantastic Furniture for $399. So, it's a three seater couch, but it "click clacks" into a bed and it also has a storage compartment underneath it. So, on the weekend we drove to the store to have a look at it.

We found it in the store and sat on it, looked at the storage etc, and decided we really liked it. However, the arms on the one on the store were really wobbly and we could move them back and forth. So a saleswoman (Elaine) came over, and we asked her to show us how it "click clacks" into a bed. She demonstrates, and it's really easy, so we're pleased. She also stated that the arms came off and could be used as a pillow, or just removed so to have more leg room. I asked if that's why they were so wobbly, and she said that the one instore had been there for a while and it was wobbly because everyone pulls at the arms to see how they work. Fine.

We decide to buy it, and get it delivered as we have no trailer to collect it with. It's $65 for delivery in our area, and the woman offers Tuesday as a delivery day. We agree, she writes in it her book and tells us it will be in the afternoon, because the delivery guys finish up round our way. She also says if we want, we can call them between 0930 and 1000 for a better estimate of when it will be delivered. We pay and take the slip, and all is well.

Tuesday comes, and my husband & I get up early and move our old couch out the back into the rumpus room and wait. And wait. We had decided not to call them, because we were home all day so it didn't matter when it was delivered. However, at 1600, I was starting to become concerned. I got my husband to call them, and to do that he had to find our slip. When we found it, we realised it said Tuesday on it, but it said Tuesday the 24th. Tuesday was the 22nd. So my husband phoned them, and got told that it was being delivered on Thursday. My husband said we were told Tuesday, and Tuesday was written on our slip, and as we'd already moved our old couch out we'd like it delivered that day. They said they'd call us back. A few minutes later, they called back and said they couldn't possibly deliver it that day and she'd called 5 couriers to try (how she managed that in about 3 minutes is beyond me). They said they would deliver it on Wednesday. My husband asked if we could have a partial refund on the delivery fee, and they offered us a free lamp, which we accepted. We arranged delivery for Wednesday morning at 10:30.

Wednesday morning comes, and I get a call on my mobile at about 0930. It's Elaine who sold us the couch and told us Tuesday for delivery, telling me that the delivery men were on their way, and oh, she forgot to put the lamp in with the couch, so she'd bring it around herself that night. She never apologised for telling us the wrong delivery date. The couch appeared about 20 minutes later, and we put it together. However, we discover that the arms do not just "come off" - in fact, they're meant to be screwed in. Also, they're rock hard and wouldn't be any good as pillows. But the couch is nice otherwise.

The rest of Wednesday passes, no lamp. So today, my husband calls them and speaks to Elaine. She confirms she didn't bring the lamp Wednesday night (and offered no reason for this or apology) and says she will bring it on Friday evening. I seriously doubt it, but we'll see.

tl;dr - we order a couch, they stuff up the delivery day and offer us a free lamp which never appears.
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