Crystal (thegully) wrote in bad_service,

Today just seemed to be a day of bad service all around.

My boyfriend (E) and I were both off work and decided to go to the movies. We took a cab to the theater. The driver picked us up in front of our house and had no idea how to get to the theater so E directed him. The problem was with the guys listening skills. E had to repeat directions multiple times, the guy would acknowledge what was said and then forget it in 30 seconds. He was told to get in the left lane on a street so as to get on the highway. He repeated it but as soon as we got close to the highway, he tried to get back in the right lane and it was obvious that he wouldn't have gotten onto the highway except we yelled that he was about to miss the entrance. The same thing happened when we wanted to get off the highway. He was told the exit name 3 or 4 times and we still had to raise our voices in order to force him to get off the highway at the right location. Either the guy was day dreaming the whole way or he should have taken that bluetooth headset out of his ear.

We got seats in the theater and E went to get food. The theater was actually quite crowded for the middle of a weekday. E used to work in a theater. He knows it gets busy. He came back to the seat pissed though because he waited on line for 10-15 minutes and he swears it didn't move at all. He said there were two cashiers with people ordering at each but the cashiers were moving extremely slowly and so the same people were at the head of the line as when he got on it. He could have actually handled this if he had been able to get a drink from the machines but not one of the three vending machines he tried in the theater worked.

After the film we went to eat at TGIFridays. The waiter took our order, brought our food and checked on us once about halfway through the meal. Until this point we had no problems with the service at all. When the guy asked if we were doing ok, we asked for more honey mustard for E's chicken tenders. The guy said ok and ran off. He was gone for a few minutes and still no honey mustard. Then I noticed him standing at the bar talking to coworkers. I was about to point that out to E when the guy disappeared into the kitchen. He was gone for another 5 minutes (making our wait for sauce about 10 minutes or so) when he finally reappeared with sauce. By this time I was done with my food and my boyfriend had half a chicken tender and a handful of fries left. If the guy had stopped for a second to notice we were very near the completion of our meal then he may have realized that we would be asking for the check or dessert soon. Instead he dropped off the honey mustard and ran away.

Still, E eats the remainder of his food and we then try to flag down the waiter to get our check. Three times he went into the kitchen and three times he came back. Each time, he approached what seemed to be the only other table he was working, smiled, chatted and went back to the kitchen. We had a really great view of this. He never even looked at us even though we were about 15 feet away. We kept waving and trying to say "hello? excuse me?" but he wouldn't look in our direction at all. After the third time, I finally jumped up determined to get his attention and he came our way. We asked for the check and I was afraid he would take forever to come back for my credit card unless I handed it right to him. He ran it through, brought the card and a credit receipt (but not the check), tossed it on the table and walked away. The check was for $26. Normally this would mean a $5-$6 tip. He got $2.

Finally we called a cab to go home. We deliberately had the cab pick us up down the road from the restaurant because we wanted the driver to pick us up by the highway. This way he could jump right on and whisk us home. For some unknown reason the guy just zipped past the highway entrance before we could say anything and decided to take the streets. As we passed the highway we could see there was definitely no traffic on it so there was no need to avoid it. On the streets though, he hit traffic and red lights on almost every block. This might tell some people to take an alternate route. Instead, he kept to the very busy streets while also huffing and puffing and rolling his eyes every time we hit a red light as it were our fault that he took a shitty route. He looked so annoyed about the entire situation but you can guess how we felt. What should have been a 15 minute ride home dragged on to 25-30 minutes. I really wanted to say something about trying a different route too but at that point, E and I were both very annoyed and knew that if we said anything that it would come off as pissed off so we just kept our mouths shut.

ETA: Neither cabs were metered. The price was based on distance from point A to point B so there was no extra charge when it took longer than usual to get where we were going. The base price for cab #2 was $13.50 and that's what it stayed. It was just annoying.

tldr; Cab driver #1 doesn't listen to directions or forgets them in 30 seconds. Movie concession line doesn't move but the vending machines don't work. Waiter in restaurant ignores us. Cab driver #2 takes long route and gets huffy about it without trying to alter his course.
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