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First post here.


This is my first time posting here, though I've been reading this community for quite some time. I don't really have too many stories about the times that I've received bad service from somewhere, but recently there was this one incident:

Thanks to a lot of stupidity on my part and trouble with installing an anti-virus a couple months ago, I ended up with some really bad computer trouble. What happened is that I tried to install a copy of the free AVG Anti-Virus -- unfortunately, I was dumb enough not to uninstall the anti-virus that had been on there previously, which was Nortons. This caused the AVG to flip out in mid-install when it started detecting something before it had even finished installing, and it began to cause my computer to restart continuously. After some fighting with it, I managed to stop it, and worked on uninstalling it and removing all traces of it.

But in removing all traces of it, apparently I'd deleting something that caused Windows to flip out. The next morning when I turned the computer on, Windows wouldn't load, instead popping up an error message saying that a file called "hal.dll" was either missing or corrupted -- which struck me as strange, since I never mess around in the Windows files. Either way, I was in trouble. The computer didn't come with a copy of the Windows version on it, which is XP, and I had been unable to back up some files that I really wanted to save. So, it was decided to take the computer in to get the problem fixed, to a place called A+ Computer Guy. This place is the only one in town for service and repair of computers.

Now, I had taken my previous computer to A+ Computer Guy for a problem similar to this one, that Windows wouldn't load up (though to this day, I still don't know what caused it). And when I had taken that one in, the job was done in a couple days, and cost around thirty bucks. Very good service, and the guys working acted very professionally.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case this time. When my computer was taken in on a Tuesday, I was informed that I would get it back Thursday.

I didn't get it back until the Tuesday of the next week. That wouldn't bother me so much, except that the whole time, they would keep promising to call -- and of all the times they promised to do so, they did so only once. They would also continously say it would be done on "this day at this time," but whenever we went to go check up on it, something else would suddenly be wrong or need to be taken care of.

Granted, the problem did get fixed, and my files were left intact... for the most part. For some reason, when I got my computer back, I found out that they had deleted a number of programs -- for my firewall, my scanner (though my printer's files were left intact), and worst of all, the program that was for creating back-up CDs with. I was not informed that these programs had been deleted, and have no idea why they would do that.

Also, there was one problem that they didn't fix. When I first got this current computer, I made the mistake of trying to install Adeptec/Roxio's Easy CD Creator on it, to try to retrieve some files from my old computer, without knowing that XP would have issues with it. Though I uninstalled it, I was left with error messages that would pop up whenever Windows loaded up, mentioning that the CD Burner drivers were making Windows unstable and had been turned off. And when I received my computer, I was told that they could have fixed that problem, but apparently didn't feel like it. And it seems that fixing this problem deals with having to mess around in the registery, which is something that makes me very nervous about doing myself since I'm fairly computer-stupid.

The whole time, these guys acted very unprofessionally. The couple times that they lead me into the back room where they worked on the computers, they were smoking heavily, which strikes me as a not very good thing to do around the computers of others, some of which had the casings off of them. They constantly made excuses, and except for a single time, never called as they said they would to let us know about the status of the computer. Also, we'd gone over there a couple times to check whenever we didn't receive calls, and found out that two of the three guys that work there would just take off and go home whenever they felt like it.

And they charged seventy-five bucks for all this.

I don't know -- is it silly for me to have been and still be rather upset about this? What bothers me the most besides their unprofessional actions was that they deleted programs that I needed (one of which I can't get back unless I buy it, the CD burner program) and that they didn't fix the Easy CD Creator errors, despite they acted like it was something they could have done, plus the fact they had fixed a couple other things that weren't related to the Windows problem.

After this had happened, I'd talked to one of my uncles, since he's probably the most computer-smart of the family. He told me that I had been ripped off, that the job shouldn't have taken so long and that for the price that they charged, they should have fixed everything.

Either way, I don't intend to take my computer back to A+ Computer Guy anymore -- I'll go out of town if I have to. And while I'm glad that at least most of my files were salvaged and the computer works now, I still have problems to deal with.

Whew, that was a little long, but it does feel good to get that all out. I still wonder if I'm being silly about this or not, but it just really bothers me, even now.
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