RedReign (redreign) wrote in bad_service,

Car Buying Suck

In honor of the car story, I will share mine

This is the actual conversation, burned into my brain for-ever.
Me = perky college student, with a cashier's check for a down payment in my purse.
Sales = idiot, and a snot too

First of all, no one approached me. I went into the office to find them. Yes, they saw me out there. I saw them watching me through the window

Me: Hi! I'd like to test drive your Mustang?
Sales: Would you now? *snort* Can you even drive a stick? [manual transmission]
Me (ok, now I'm annoyed): Well I drove one in here.
Sales: I don't think so, no. What's a GIRL going to do with a Mustang anyway?

Yes, he actually said "GIRL" like that. I left, and did something naughty later on that week. I asked to borrow a friend's Camaro (new at that time). I went back to the dealership, and waved at the sales guy. "you asked what a girl would do with a Mustang? THIS." And laid a patch (*) in their parking lot. Immature, yes, probably illegal, yes. I didn't end up getting my sports car for another five years, but it was worth the wait.

"patch" - is mashing the accelerator pedal to force the tires of a rear-wheel drive car to spin on the pavement. It leaves a black streak, and yes, is hard on tires. This was authorized by the owner of the car, but it's, er, still a pretty silly thing to do.

- No jokes about my car taste. I was young, I got better. :P
- edit to clarify slang
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