A. (petalpale) wrote in bad_service,

penn station suck

i went to a local penn station today. i ordered a sandwich, and the guy rang me up and then immediately started making my sandwich without any gloves or hand-washing.

he started getting the [raw] bacon out for my sandwich, and then the phone rang. he answered it and kept touching the bacon without using any hand sanitizer. there was another employee helping him, who rang someone up and then also touched my sandwich without any hand sanitizer.

so, i didn't say anything, because i'm non-confrontational and didn't want to make a scene. as i made my way home, though, i kept getting angrier. so, i called the corporate number. the lady there was very unhelpful and basically told me that i was wrong. she asked me if i had washed my hands before i ate the sandwich (what the fuck?) and told me that they probably used the sanitizer and i just didn't see it.

i may call the actual location and speak to the manager, but i will probably just never go there again. the nastiness of the resturant combined with how rude the corporate lady was really turned me off. maybe i'm overreacting, but i really don't think so.
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