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3 tales from my closest Mapco

Figured I would relate this tale of the Mapco down the street from me and 4 people's dealings with one guy who works there. Mine are minor annoyances that lead me to not go there again, and the last story ended up in court.

Story 1 (mine)

I went to the Mapco 2 blocks from my house.  I needed gas and I had to get my roommate (Stephen) to the airport at 5am.  It was about 20 degrees out, pitch dark, and the mapco was there, lit up and had a man in a suit working the counter.

I went to the pump, inserted my card, filled my tank and replaced the nozzle but the pump never registered that it was in the off position.  I verified it was still on by putting the nozzle back into the car for a second and pumping a little more gas, the thing was still running on my tab whatever I did.  I figured it was so cold it froze the sensor or something.

I asked my roommate  to go to the person in the store and ask them to reset the pump as I did not want to get a huge bill on my credit card from the next person who pulled up (at this point I did not know that the pumps would shut off at $70).  My roommate went to the door and tried to open it and it was locked, he then tried to get the guy's attention but he kept looking down and refusing to make eye contact or notice Stephen was there.  Finally Stephen screamed through the glass "your pump won't shut off" and the man who was in there comes up to the window, presses his face up against the glass and puts his hands up over his head and acts like a monkey jumping up and down.

It was pretty insulting looking without him actually giving us the finger, he then screamed something that sounded like that they were closed, Stephen screamed back "your pump will not shut off" and, after standing around for 5 minutes in freezing weather, the pump finally shut itself off and I called for my roommate to come on (who was on the phone with Mapco's corporate customer service answering machine at that point).

My experience: dude wanted to be a dumbass and helped waste 5 minutes of my time due to not wanting to help.

Story 2: Mike's dealings with the same guy.

Mike rides to bus to a stop about 2 blocks from the Mapco.  One night during hours they are generally open Mike got off the bus and went to the Mapco to buy some overpriced junk food.  He got there, the doors were locked, afformentioned suited guy was in there.  Mike asked through the door if he could come in and get food and the guy said they were closed for 5 minutes.  Mike made a phone call to a friend while waiting around in the parking lot and being stared at through the window by that Mapco's employee.

After 20 minutes on the phone Mike went back to the doors and the guy told him to leave the property or he was calling the police.


Some "service with a snarl" stories omited here with the same guy over the next year or two but were mostly just meh behavior.

Drive by one day and there's a man picketing that station with a sign that says this Mapco is racist and I thought to myself "no, that guy is just rude to everyone"

I stop going there as I've got a Costco card now and their gas was less and I didn't have to ever deal with that guy again.

Story 3: In which the law gets involved

I can't vouch for anything other than what I was told on this one.  I have a friend who lives a block away from me, I walked over there one day and the police were leaving his neighbor (who we will call D for sake of me not remembering his name at the moment).  I asked what the story was and was told that my friend's neighbor was accused of attacking the mapco employee.  I asked a few details and went over to talk to him and see if it was the same guy.

D's story goes as follows (true or not, I do not know)

He was drinking but supposedly was not a trashed idiot at that point, a friend of his gave him a ride all of 3 blocks to Mapco to get more beer so he could become a trashed idiot.  He walked into the store, purchased some beer, paid for it and was walking out when the dude in the suit said he was not leaving with the beer.

D said something to the effect of "I just bought this, you just sold it to me, I am leaving" or something like that.  Supposedly the mapco employee got irate that he was not selling beer to a drunk person to go out and drive, D points to the guy who is driving/sitting in the car and mentions that he has just sold beer to a person he's saying is drunk.  The employee gets irate and says that he is not leaving with that beer, I think D's response at this point was something to the effect of "what drugs are you on?" so he turned to leave and got a metal pipe to the shoulder.

D turned, was about to get hit again, grabbed the pipe and pulled the employee over the counter, threw the pipe into the back room, and left.  He called the police 4 or 5 minutes later when he got back home to report an assault, the mapco employee had called first, and he who calls last gets arrested.

Mapco or the employee presses charges (not clear on this) - I talk to D again at one point and he's worried what is going to happen.  I tell him the few stories of me and roommate's run-ins with this guy acting like he was on drugs.  I mention that since the whole incident was video taped he's probably not going to have to worry if he's telling the truth.

A couple of months go by, the employee never showed up at the court dates, there's no tapes in evidence either, D is off the hook for an assault charge, probably has a case against Mapco but was advised by his lawyer to walk away.

That's the tale, I don't go to that Mapco any more, have no problem with any other Mapco I've been to.

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