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Extended Stay America

I want to preface this with a few things. Like I am very shy and it takes a bit for me to work of the nerve to complain in the first place. Also I am not 'directly' paying for my room. I am here because work put me here for a month because I am doing some training away from home and it's too much to pay me or expect me to to drive this far.
So I am already quite a bit out of sorts, I'm in a place where I don't know where anything is, and already feel like I have limited control over my accommodation because I'm not paying for them (they ARE being paid, just not by me.)

The one good thing I'm getting at the moment, is free internet. When I checked in it was hinted it wasn't doing so well so the gal gave me the pass code without charging me or the company they is putting me here. I was willing to pay she just brushed it off and gave me the code.

Now for two weeks, the internet is at best, crappy. At times it will drop the connection for a few reasons. Some are the routers just crapping out, another is that where I am I am at the farthest point from the routers so it's just a crappy connection to start with and mix in high traffic at night and the router drops the weakest connection (me) the moment it does not get a 'pong' back from it's 'ping'.
My laptop is the only thing that seems to even be able to hold a connection longer then 5 mins at a time, and there have been nights I won't have it for hours. Between work and a few other factors I've just ended up frustrated but dealing with it. My desktop on a wirelss card never holds a connection more then 5 mins, this is an issue because some of the stuff I want to do only my desktop can handle. So I've had to cope, but rather then be a pest I just faught with it until this last few days where the connection craped out. It's impossible for either computer to get a decent connection without me sitting upside down with one leg up, one leg down and one hand under the bed (alright I might be eggagrating but that's what it feels like).

So on the advice of a few friends I sucked it up and went to the desk to see if I could be moved closer to a router or something..

The first girl I talked to was the one that checked me in. She admitted there was a huge problem with the connection and a tech is supposed to be out this week to mess with the routers. She has just moved a lady into a room on 3rd floor where they where because she =had= to get something done for work. No problem I can have that room (315) the next day when she leaves. She wrote a note I saw her do it. She was a sweetheart, and I felt like I could have things delt with as soon as I was off work the next day (I had to work and was dead tried so I wasn't in a hurry to move.)

So I packed up all my stuff got it lined up nice after work today and went down there to talk. There was a guy there I had to deal with another issue with twice in the past. After I explained the situation the first thing he did was look down at me and ask if I'd called the tech support.
I'm quite, I'm meek, but that about set me off because I'm female and a geek/nerd or whatever you want to call a huge computer person. I explained the problem in detail and how it was LOCATION, not computer, possibly router and pointed out it was a KNOWN ISSUE. That took him back a bit but I was told pretty much point blank after he fidgeted over that, that there was no room to put me in but he could leave a note for the owner and maybe they could find something at some point... So I pointed out there was a note left to give me a room today (I gave him the number even) and the story behind it and the note. When I talked about the note he SNAPPED that no note was ever left for him (.... I saw her not only write it but tape it to the computer he was working ON). In fact he was going to argue it with me until I told him WHOM I saw write it and then he backed down with a mutter of he never got it and the room was given to someone else (in fact I think it was to the guy in front of me when I went down there.. but I'm not 100% sure). All he could do was write another note, and I could talk to the manager tomorrow to see if they might have a room in a few days...

At this point I've been here a day past 2 weeks, I don't have that much longer to be here. I'm frustrated but I also have to look at frustration vs time. Is it worth it to move my stuff up 2 floors for what could be 3 days of good connection (I know it'll be goos I walked my laptop up there, they have full connection 5 bar, full speed). If they're going to move me 'when they can' and it gives me 2-3 days? it's not worth moving my stuff. If I can wiggle out the next almost 2 weeks it would be worth it (I also have a dog so I have to factor in up and down 3-4 times a day for potty breaks). So to be talked down to, accused of lying, and told they'd deal with it pretty much when someone cares enough to do so has me irked. I've seen what my company is paying, they're getting paid well to jerk me around makes me mad.

So I'm pissed to no end, I was promised one thing, and now I'm not even promised anything other then the room I'm in right now...

There is a longer story behind this, but this isn't the first issue I've had with them, the others they solved to the best they could, Including but not limited to...
Someone stole my plates off my car, I know they sat to take all valuables out because they aren't liable for them... but come on, the plates ON my car? all they did was write a report, call the cops, and walk off. Nothing I had to foot the bill for new plates with nothing so much as a apology. No offer of any help not even how to find new plates or call a taxi or anything to help me get to work that day....
Room service flat out avoiding my room, because it's long term staying they only clean once a week, I was 2 weeks in before I saw someone try to get in here to clean when I offered to leave so they could with my dog they said they'd come back so I vacated the room for an hour or more, they never came back. That time I complained because I was almost done with 2 weeks and should have had 2 cleanings and had none. That time they made them clean my room while I was at work but I had to remove my dog because one of the ladies was scared of them and despite the fact all the papers say she just has to be caged, or removed she refused to even go IN if I had her outside the room I'm not even sure how they talked her into it, or if they just lied to her. I just know I went to work and when i got back after work with her it was clean.) Keep in mind this is a dog friendly place and ever ADVERTISES it on the site.

I've been really unhappy here, and I plan on trying to get my brain together to be able to voice that tomorrow, without wimping out and going "never mind this is just too much hassle for you and I, forget I said anything *fetal position*)
I am also going to be semi passive aggressive and call my store tomorrow and see if corporate is going to the interested in the fact this place is stressing out already stressed away-from-home employee's by pulling this stuff.

TLDR: 3 problems, guy at the desk accuses me of lying and acts like I dont' know what I'm talking about. Leaves a note, after claiming there was no note for the manager and doesn't even promise to resolve the problem just to leave a note and tells ME to deal with it tomrrow with the daytime staff or something... I being quiet and meek take it, and walk off.
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