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The Artist formerly known as Cybele24

Grooming Salon at the New Brighton Boulevard PetSmart in Minneapolis

So I took my dogs in to the groomer today at 1pm.

I was a little disappointed to see that my least favorite groomer, Beth, was working... she always makes lots of hints about what a pain in the ass my dog is and generally manages to leave him a little uneven. But, they were in dire need of a cooler 'do , so I went with it. She said it was a slow day (no other dogs there, wouldn't be until 4) and they could have them done in 4 hours. I thought this was a bit odd, because they usually manage to do it in 3 even on a busy day, but whatever. It was also a bit odd that my dog was so resistant to going back into the kennel area... Max had to be almost dragged back there. He doesn't like the groomer, but usually he's not to obstinate about it. I put it down to him being very anti-baff today and let it go and went home to take a nap.

We come back at 5, and the other groomer, Devon, tells us it will be another hour. This is not good... the hubby has to beat a concert out of town at 7, and needs to leave by 6. So they say "half an hour? All we have left to do is their legs and feet." We're annoyed, but we say okay. I'm figuring Max was being a bit of a problem (he has a tendency to poop and have to be rebathed), so I was understanding. I remained in the store while the hubby went home quickly to change and get his stuff for his concert. 5 minutes later I look over from where I'm standing in the chew toy aisle and I see them bring Baby out from the kennels... and they haven't cut a single hair from him! Okay, that made me mad. I don't like being lied to. Then, it ends up taking a full hour anyway. Sigh.

When I go to pick them up, they had charged me $10 extra for Max for "special handling" which they say is because they had to bathe him more than once. Which would make sense, except that this has happened a few times before with no extra charge, but we were in a hurry and I had not time to argue about it, so I sucked it up.

Then I find when they bring Baby out that they had cut his ear, the vet had checked him out at Banfield and he is okay, it's "just a little nick". I'm getting really ticked at this point, but I figure, mistakes happen.

Here's where it turns ugly. We're about three blocks away from the salon when Baby scratches his ear and the glue comes off. All the sudden there is blood going everywhere--it ended up making two half-dollar sized spots on a kleenex before getting it to stop... and baby is an 8 lb. dog. For him, that's a lot of blood. When I take a look at the cut, I see that there's a notch in his ear about 1/4 inch deep, which you really couldn't tell after they had glued it and cleaned it up. We do a turn around and head straight back to PetSmart. I do not pass go, do not collect $200, but head straight into Banfield where they reglue him for free and tell us to bring him straight back in if it opens up so they can suture it. Meanwhile, I am to put him in an e-collar for 24 hours, at which point I can try to clean it gently with peroxide, provided it hasn't opened back up again. (Hopefully that doesn't happen... they're closed now, which means we'd have to take him to the e-vet and get reimbursed later.)

Meanwhile, the hubby has been talking to the manager. He explains about the inordinately long wait, the poor attitude, and the fact that they were totally unapologetic about the long wait or the cut, and the fact that they lied to us. She comps us an e-collar, takes down all the needed info about us and Baby, and refunds our groom fee.

Here's the kicker: it is apparently their policy not to charge if there is significant injury to the dog, excepting common things like cutting the quick while nail trimming. I was floored. She injured my dog, played it down like it was nothing, and charged us anyway in violation of store policy that she damn well had to have known about.

I would have had plenty of reasons to take my dogs elsewhere after the slowness, the attitude, and what I realized later was my dog being very nervous around this woman, which makes me wonder what has happened previous times we've taken him in. But after THIS? PetSmart Grooming Salon will not see another penny of my money.

I do however, have to admit that the manager on duty, whose name I now forget, and the staff at Banfield were full of good_service.

Now my poor Babycakes is all cone-headed and running into things.

TL;DR: Groomer takes almost twice as long as usual, has a poor attitude about it, cuts my dog, lies about the severity of the wound, and charges me anyway.
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