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Because I obviously don't know what I want

This is an old bad service post that I just remembered from when I was about 10 or 11 and I wanted to post it. The bad service occurred at a hair salon that we have been going to since we first moved to our current location when I was nine. I'm still going to the hair salon since there are some really great stylists there, it's just this woman who isn't. The bad service unfortunately is a paragraph since I don't really remember the dialog being so long ago.

On the day that the bad service occurs, my mom took me to the hair salon we go to wanting to get me a haircut. When we get there we find out that my first hairstylist, she's since moved on is out for the week and we can either reschedule or take the next available hairstylist who would be available in about ten minutes. It's no big deal for my mom so we wait for the hairstylist who will be available. So anyway, the hairstylist becomes available and comes to get me at which point I'm pretty sure my mom told her that she wanted just a trim for me. Take note, just a trim. Anyway, she takes me to her station and starts trimming. Then she gets to my bangs and stops. She tells me that she thinks she should cut my bangs ie. hack them off, that I'll look good without bangs, they're ugly ie. you look ugly I could tell that's what she means. At times I can be a bit of a shy person I don't like confrontation so I think I said no once and then didn't say anything else. However, she decided to get my mom and tell her or she suggested it and I said sure. So she gets my mom and tells her that she thinks I'll look good without bangs, they're ugly. She was also kinda rude. It took my mom alittle while to talk her out of wanting to cut my bangs but you could tell she was none too please. So we finish and then leave, and I believe my mom didn't leave a tip. I think she may have complained to the receptionist but I don't remember.

Anyway, we complained to my first hairstylist when she got back from the week off and she knew immediately who we were talking about. Unfortunately, according to her the woman who tried to cut hack my bangs off is immune from firing. She had a child or children by the owner's son so he won't fire her, even though there are complaints. So that's an additional bad service by the owner. As of now, I don't know if she's still there or if she left. The last I heard was about two years ago when the first hairstylist was moving on and my mom wanted a recommendation for a new hairstylist for me. My mom said don't recommend that one hairstylist and my ex-hairstylist said, "Oh don't worry she's not going to get any clients from me." Anyway, that's my hairstylist suck.

Stylist wants to hack off my bangs even though my mom said a trim and I like my bangs. Mom talks her out of it though the stylist is none too pleased. Find out later from my main stylist that the one who wanted to hack off my bangs is immune to firing because she had either one or two kids by the owner's son.

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