The Sassy Wench (sassy_wench) wrote in bad_service,
The Sassy Wench

Psycho gum-cracking employee at my college 7-11.

Another day of amazing service at the 7-11! Just kidding. Because this might be tl; dr:

I walk into the ghetto 7-11 on my campus, where I've been attending school (and 7-11) for the past two years. I need to get some groceries but I only have University money (called 'diamond dollars') and the only place I can use that is at 7-11. Great.

The baskets are usually in the same place in the store, and it will be hard to carry everything I need in my arms (especially since some of it is cold, brrr), so I start hunting for one. There are none to be found throughout the store. I eye the other customers, thinking maybe the baskets are all in use- not a single customer has a basket.

I spy an employee, probably 10 years older than me (I'm 22) with a neon weave that is smacking her gum loudly and standing slouched with her arms crossed across her chest.

Me: "Hi! Do you know where I can find a basket, please?"

Gum-Chewer: (stares at me like I have 5 heads) "We ain't got no baskets."

Me: "There were some in here a couple days ago!" *smile smile*

Gum-Chewer: "We ain't got none."

Me: "Could you... check please?" *smile*

Gum-Chewer: *raises her voice* "WE. AIN'T. GOT. NO. BASKETS." *widens her eyes and does odd head swivel thing* (I think she was trying to show her 'attitude' but she reminded me of a lizard).

Me: "Alright...thanks..." *weak smile*

Alright then...I guess the ones that were there 3 days ago spontaneously combusted? They couldn't have been stolen, because there are cops patrolling inside of the entrance and exit 24/7, and they wouldn't have let anyone shoplift the baskets (and they are too big to hide in a coat or something). Okay. No baskets. Whatever, I'll deal.

Same gum chewing employee is now at the register, where I am staggering to the counter with an armful of groceries. The counter is an itty bitty space and is cluttered with other unwanted purchases, advertisements, trinkets, candy, lighters, etc, and I can't fit all my groceries on there at once. I'm halfway through putting it on there, but it doesn't all fit (it would have if I'd had a little basket!).

Half the groceries are in my arms now, as well as my schoolbooks, my purse, and my bookbag.

Gum-chewer: "What you payin' with?"

Me: "A credit card, please."

Gum-chewer: "Lemme see it."


I'm juggling these groceries, books, purse, and bag, with nowhere to set the groceries, as the cashier is scanning at the pace of a turtle. I somehow manage to get my card out of my wallet and hand it to her while barely hanging the onto everything else. She looks at it, and hands it back, and says "You gotta swipe it."

Umm. Okay....why did you want to see it then?

Then Gum-Chewer thrusts a bag of groceries at me, BEFORE I've paid, while I am now holding the credit card, half the groceries, my schoolbooks, my bag, my open wallet, and my purse. I try to juggle it all, and proceed to drop my bag.

Everything spills out on the floor, including my cell phone, which flopped open. I gathered my things quickly, but didn't notice my cell phone was missing until I looked down as i went to swipe my card, saw my cell phone was open and on the floor. I pick it up (it's still open) and go to put it in my bag.

Gum-Chewer then *yells* (literally, you could hear her across the store)- "GET OFF YOUR CELL PHONE!!!"

Me: !!!???!!! (Imagine someone making that face).

Me: "I wasn't... on it... I was having trouble hanging onto everything and my bag fell and it was in my bag...."

Gum-Chewer: *rolls eyes and ignores me from now on*

Was this lady severely stoned? She *saw* me drop everything, and saw me do a juggling act to get the groceries she thrust at me before I even finished paying, and then yelled at me for being on my cell phone (which I wasn't!).

Anyone that frequents customers_suck knows how many retail employees bitch about people on their cell phones when they come to your register. I'm one of them- I don't think there's any reason to be on your cell phone when you are checking out, and I think that employees have the right to refuse service until you hang up. But JESUS CHRIST. Make sure people are actually *on* it before you bitch them out!

Also, I asked the manager on the way out about the baskets. He had just come out of the stock room. He said "Oh, they're behind the counter, just ask an employee". Hahahaha. Okay.

Teal Dear: You're out of luck. I'm lazy.

*EDIT* - I didn't say anything to the manager, because I wanted to ask him if he'd carry some soymilk. I didn't want to come off as a bitch, because she was so nasty that I figured she'd lie to cover her ass if she was spoken to- I've seen that from co-workers many times. It was annoying, but the soymilk was a bigger deal to me than the rude employee, and I guess I didn't feel like I could do both in the same convo and still be as polite as I wanted with the soymilk.

I was really pissed off... now that I think back on it, I could've been really nice about it and just said "___ didn't realize there were baskets available- it might help her if you showed her where they were". But I didn't think of that then.

I'm too nice.
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