celrya (celrya) wrote in bad_service,

Scary lady at Lincraft

I'm learning to sew and yesterday I bought my first pattern and also some fabric to make a skirt. I took it to the counter and told the lady that I've never used a pattern before and that I don't know how to read it to tell her how much fabric I need, but that I only want to make one of the skirts. I pointed out which skirt I wanted to make.

She points to a little bit on the back of the pattern and says "The measurements are there!" sharply, glaring at me. I look at it a bit dumbfounded and study it murmering to myself "Okay... I want the skirt and the overskirt sections for the second skirt on the pattern only... so thats B... Umm.."
Still glaring she points to a different section on the pattern to the first section she pointed to and says "You'll want to tell me the metric, its there." So I start the process again, halfway through she takes it off me and gives a sigh saying "I suppose you'll want me to do it for you then? Alright. But we're very short staffed"
My friend and I were the only people standing at the counter at the time and she was rather huffy with me. She measures it out and I pay for it. She says "If you cut it right you should also have enough fabric to make something else" and I say something like "Oooh, I could put ruffles on the skirt with it perhaps?" and she lightens up a bit and says yes.

When I start cutting the fabric later that day I realize that she gave me about four times the amount of fabric I needed for both the skirt and the overskirt. I don't know what I'm going to do with it all! O.O

I suppose dealing with someone so new at everything might have been annoying for her but I found her very intimidating, the way she snapped at me and glared at me... N'then she gave me an innapropriately large amount of fabric which I paid for not knowing it was far too much...

I guess I won't go there again. Scary lady scared me off. haha. (I scare easily methinks.)
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