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Minor bad_service...

I'm, admittedly, a Starbucks junkie. I live in Indiana for most of the year, but I am back visiting my parents in California for a couple of months. I go to the local Starbucks probably once every other day, and even though there is staff turnover, they do recognize me. Tonight there was a new girl making the drinks.

So I order my drink and my mom orders hers. I get a tall decaf soy latte. Pretty simple, right? She makes it pretty quickly and puts it on the bar, saying nothing. Usually they call your drink or your name, or at least alert you in a friendly manner that it's your drink that's ready. But it didn't really matter, because there were only about two other people milling about the store.

Okay, no biggie. I pick it up and it's about as light as a feather. ...? What is this? I swirl it around a bit, because sometimes that helps everything settle. Nothing. It's still really light. I open the lid and realize that pretty much half of the cup is foam. Now, call me crazy, but that's pretty much a cappuccino. I debate a bit on whether to ask her to fix it, and eventually I decide to ask her to do so. I figure I spend a good amount of money at Starbucks, and even if I didn't, I deserve to have my $4 drink be made the way I want it to be made.

Barista with 'tude (BWT)

Me: *peers into drink* *hesitates*
BWT: *sigh* Is something wrong?
Me: Yeah... I'm sorry, but would you mind putting more milk and less foam in here for me? I think this might be a cappuccino.
BWT: *stare* ...Yeah. *motions other barista over*

At this point, they start whispering and looking at me. I definitely have seen the other barista before. In fact, I think he got me my last drink. I know that just because I know him doesn't mean he knows me, especially because it's a busy location, but I thought I'd throw that in there. She digs into the drink with her big spoon and actually unloads three heaping spoonfuls of foam, flicking them into a drain and getting most of it on the counter instead.

BWT: *hands drink back over counter* Here.
Me: Thanks so much! I appreciate it.

Note that she just kind of thrust it at me, glaring. Didn't apologize (even if I was being nitpicky, it's part of customer service, suck it up). Didn't put it nicely on the counter.

I get in the car and wait a couple minutes while I'm driving home. I take a sip and pretty much burn my tongue to blistering. She had steamed the soy milk extra hot--beyond extra hot, actually, because I've ordered my drinks extra hot before and they've never been scalding.

I know it's a fairly minor thing, but it just annoyed me that she gave me so much attitude. I'm always there, I made a pretty simple request... I thanked her profusely for her trouble. What's the big deal? Anyway. Thanks for reading the rant. :)
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