they call me x$na!.. (sparkles3288) wrote in bad_service,
they call me x$na!..

Not exactly bad service

Since it's not a direct service to me, I suppose it can't be considered technical bad service but it still sucks.

Brief background: I work at the university as a summer student in a microbiology lab. Our labs are all in the basement and the way the lab is situated is the main lab along one wall, and our computer area/room just around the corner in a seperate room. All the janitors have their offices RIGHT by this computer area, so we run into each other fairly regulary. The computer room has the top half of the room cut off, so you can hear everything (haha cheap university). The janitors are all always extremely loud and screaming to each other in another language (I think Spanish?), which I find disrespectful in a professional research environment. But whatever.

The suck: Last week I was in the lab early (maybe like 6:30am) and no one else is around at that time. I went into the computer room and had the door sligtly ajar (it locks when you close it so if someone is in there, we always leave it slightly open). I was done so I came out and opened the door SLIGHTLY to let myself out, when this janitor lady (JL) was walking by at the exact same time. The door didn't even come close to her, but out of habit or whatever I said "Oh sorry!" with a smile.

Her response?

JL: "You stupid bitch, watch where the fuck you're opening the door".
Me: "Excuse me??" (I was in a groggy state of mind from it being early and partly shocked to her response)
JL: "Fucking idiot. You're a fucking retared. *Insert some angry spanish phrases here*".

And then she stormed off and I still didn't say anything because i'm not at all confrontational (Wishing I did though).

Thats not even the end! After that, everytime those janitors walk by that computer room/lab area, they SLAM the door shut. Considering these are biochemical level 2 rooms, they have no authority/right to do anything with these places (they cant even come in to clean). Furthermore, everytime we leave our trash outside in the hall (which is their responsibility), they kick over the bin and leave the trash out there for a week while laughing about it histerically (note the open computer room so we can hear everything they are saying).

I told my professor about it and he's going to talk to the cleaning staff. But take this as a lesson to avoid the crazy janitors first thing in the morning. Needless to say, i'm a bit worried about opening doors after this =(.

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