Etoile (etoilepb) wrote in bad_service,

Wendy's Suck

Dear Wendy's,

I know you have your ninth-stringers working at 9:00 on a Sunday night. It's cool. Everyone screws up sometimes. But your degree of fail was really uncalled for.

We ordered two sandwiches (one ordinary classic burger, and one bacon cheeseburger with just ketchup) and a medium fries at the drive through. Good thing my boyfriend's the sort to check the bag before we leave, because we had one sandwich -- a bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, but no ketchup -- and no receipt.

So off to a parking space with us and in we go. There's no-one at the registers inside. We can hear that you all are back there -- and from the sound of the conversation, it seems that no two employees speak the same non-English language -- but we cannot see you. Fail! There are two or three other folks in the queue here besides us.

Also, there is some sort of water -- cleaning water? -- filled with suds and trash and fries, flooding onto the floor. It's coming from under the "Employees Only" door, and it's now covering the entire area between there and the entry door. It's also flowing around the straws / napkins stand and over to where the customers are waiting in line for the non-existent employees at the register. More fail.

Eventually an employee in knee-high rubber boots and carrying a floor squeegee came out and dealt with the mess. My flip-flop clad self was grateful. (The boots say to me that you did this on purpose. Except that you close at 1:00 a.m. It's 9:00 p.m. Why now?) And another came out to deal with the line. Wahoo.

No-one was rude to us, but that might be because no-one actually spoke with us. We got some, "oh," and and word that might have been "yes," and after a while, left with a cold quarter pounder.

Also, I would totally have ordered it sans mayo if I had known that it came with mayo in the first place! Who does that?

No love, and going to the McD's next door next time,


(P.S. -- I'll give you credit for the fries being fresh. I'm just sad that by the time we got my burger and got home, they'd gone cold. The BF has written to your franchisee.)

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