ocdgirl (ocdgirl) wrote in bad_service,

So, having pasted here before, sharing stories from my sister, I finally have my own bad_service story of my own. Nothing as terrible as what has been posted here in the past, but...

Dad and I went out for a drive today and stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get a coolatta (or however that's spelled. While he went to the restroom, I ordered two coolattas, and paid, only to have the woman at the register lean over to the woman next to her and say, looking directly at me, "Doesn't she look like a cockatoo?" And then mimicks head bobbing.

I didn't know what to do except smile awkwardly, but the woman she said it to did thwap her on the arm. Really, people...is it too much to ask to wait until I'm gone before you make fun of me?

ETA: I've added pics of myself...with the same hairstyle I had when I entered Dunkin Donuts.

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