Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

Here we go again...

Part 1

Part 2

tl;dr - Dr. goes out of town...I get screwed on pain med refill...

Guess what happened again? Yup. I called last week to get my refill...they call me Friday to tell me that my doctor is out of town and won't be back for several weeks. He didn't leave any signed prescription forms for his nurses to use in his absence....

My only option at this point is to go in Monday, which means I have to take off work early (which I can't ask my boss until Monday morning because he was out of the office on Friday) to go see a PA at the office.

I asked if it would be possible to sign a records release form or something so my OB can handle it if this happens again. The nurse told me no! What the hell? Last time I checked, they were my medical records.

I go see my OB on Thursday, so I'm going to ask her to put in a request for my records or something. When my doctor gets back into town, we're going to have a VERY long discussion about this crap.
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