Gwendolen (everanddespair) wrote in bad_service,

The last post about the tattoo reminds me of some bad_service I received from a tattoo artist. Luckily, nothing got messed up with my tattoo because well, I never got my tattoo.
My boyfriend took me to this place neither of us had heard much about, but they do custom work, and it's close by, so we thought we would check it out...
We go in, and I show the guy what I want(it's a painting of a bird my uncle painted, he died some years ago). He starts making all kinds of suggestions which is fine, but he was really pushy about them. I just wanted the bird, not any of the clouds or sky in the painting. He insisted that some clouds would look better, so I thought I would humor him, and told him to go ahead and draw up a design with the clouds, and I'll decide then if I like it or not. So we set up the appointment(for 3 weeks later, which I thought was kind of odd, but hey, maybe he's got a lot of clients?) and my BF pays the $50 deposit.
A week before the appointment, I call the artist and he doesn't answer. So I leave a voice mail saying I would like to see his design before my appointment, so if I don't like it, there is time to draw a new one. He calls me back and agrees but doesn't set a time for me to come in. He said he was on vacation.
Two days before the appointment, I call him again. He never gets back to me. I figure, hey, if I don't like the clouds, I'll just tell him, don't do the clouds.
Day of the appointment, I eat a nice big lunch and am totally excited about getting my first tattoo. After lunch, we head on over the the place and someone is there, but not the artist. I tell the guy there, who I think is actually the owner, that I had an appointment. We wait a few minutes, and then the guy calls the artist. He was in SE Portland(the shop is in Hillsboro, about an hour away from SE) apparently, and probably had forgotten about my appointment! I was so let down. The owner guy felt terrible and insisted on refunding our deposit, which was nice. My BF refused, but the guy pulled $40 out of his own pocket and said "at least let me give you this, it's not the whole deposit, but I just feel so bad." My BF graciously accepted and we left.
So I didn't get my tattoo because the artist totally flaked on me. I'm just glad the guy who was there was so nice.

tl;dr: I was going to get my first tattoo, but couldn't because the tattoo artist flaked out on me.
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