Lynette (lynbug) wrote in bad_service,

Bell Sympatico

Stupid me, I deleted my connection thing and was having a problem getting it to work again. I’m not tech savvy at all, but I can usually manage the basics.

This, however, wasn't working. I called, had a great tech rep walk me through it, and the thing connected.

At the end of the call, he says "can I get you to hang on one minute?" and he actually transferred me to a sales agent. That was piss off #1.

Piss off #2. The sales agent tried for a good 5 minutes to sell me on MSN Premium to run with sympatico. I said no, thank you. The agent KEPT GOING.

Here’s the kicker, I work for MSN. I get the MSN Premium for free. I get anti-virus and firewall, for free. I’m not about to pay $15/month for that.

I finally said to the agent "no, I do not want it, thank you." and I hung up. My mom went to work the next day, checked our account, and the agent SIGNED ME UP ANYWAYS.

My mom reported him (she works for Bell), because there were a few problems in that. Firstly, the fact that I declined the service, and said NO about 6 times. Second, my name is not on the account, therefore I don’t have access to add additional features even if I DID want them.

I do like Sympatico’s tech support, for the rare occurrence that I need to call them, but their sales staff are brutal. They did something like that to us a few months ago for some music download thing that my mom said no to, but they signed her up anyways.
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