Living a Life of Chaos (kitashla) wrote in bad_service,
Living a Life of Chaos

USPS - Mild Irritation

For starters, we live in a fairly rural area. This means rural mail carriers. Rural mail carriers means that your mail gets delivered by someone in their personal car (they straddle the middle of the car with one foot where the pedals are and the other foot on the other side) and often the only way you know that it's the mail is a bumper sticker that says US Mail and a magnetic orange light.

Our rural mail carrier is a nice lady. At least as far as I can tell as I've only spoken to her 3 times in the 10 years I've lived here. The problem is that she's not the greatest driver. A few months ago she backed over our neighbors mailbox and plowed it to the ground. (Okay, I confess, it was kind of funny.) This is not the first time she's done this.

Our problem is that she has created a ditch between the road and our mailbox. For some reason she needs to drive off the road to reach our mailbox. I'm not entirely sure why as I am fully able to reach the mailbox from my car without driving off the road. And I have very short arms. (Note, our mailbox is right on the road, thus my confusion.)

My only speculation is that due to the creative way she straddles the seat, she can't reach the mailbox unless the car is practically on top of it.

The issue? After 10 years of this (and the fact that we live on a downward incline) has created quite the ditch in between the edge of the road and the post of our mailbox.

We don't usually notice it because when checking the mail by car, we've never run into it. But she's noticed it. In fact, she told us several months ago that WE needed to fill it in.

We ignored her because 1) we don't have the money to fix that and 2) we aren't the reason it's there in the first place.

Well, now she left us a notice in the mailbox (from the USPS) that says we MUST fill in and grade the ditch by the 21st or they will no longer deliver our mail.

Huh? Okay, from my minimal research that is something like a rule the USPS has. But that's not the problem. The problem is that SHE'S the reason we have the ditch. And I don't want to spend the money to fix something that she's just going to put right back because her driving patterns aren't going to change.

Obviously, there's not a hell of a lot I can do about it either way. But it angers me that we're going to be responsible for fixing a problem that they keep causing.

Or not. In today's electronic age we've realized that one doesn't need a mailbox for all that much anymore.


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