Kelly (kellyl) wrote in bad_service,

Just remembered a couple more bad service stories.

Right, so Jordan (My BF) and I went to see The Dark Knight last night (don't worry, no spoilers).
After we got admitted, we headed towards the number 4 theatre and it looked like it was just being let out. We waited patiently for everyone to move out of the way and then we went in. Mind you, it was pretty dark and I couldn't see much.

Me: Oooh. We get to pick any seat we want.
Jordan: Very cool.
Asshole custodian: 'SCUSE ME. (Said it very rudely)
Me: Um...yes?
AC: What are you doing? We haven't seated yet!
Me:...Sorry, I just assumed since I had my ticket ripped that it was okay to come in-
AC: Well, it's not. Now go outside and wait with the other 300 people.

Well, excuse me for assuming that I could be seated after being admitted. I was glad to get out of there since I almost started crying (had already been through some previous nasty incidents). We stand outside the #4 screen with a large mass. Finally AC comes back out again.

Me: *shows him*

I will be going back to complain about him.

Another bad service story from a few weeks ago.
I was pretty late getting off work and needed to fill up my car. I went to the local 711. I know the night guys there and they're really nice.
A girl who I recognized from my old highschool, about three years younger than me, was attending the register. I got in line after filling my car and getting some batteries. I was behind two other people and she was sighing and rolling her eyes at them.

Girl: *turns to me* What?
Me:...Um, number 2 pump and these. *puts batteries down*
Girl: *heaves out a long and dramatic sigh, rolling her eyes at me* That's $60.
Me: That must be incorrect. *points outside* My car is the dusty Crown Victoria out there and I only put in $20.
Girl: FINE. WHATEVER! $25 then. FUCK!
Me: *completely shocked and pays with debit*
Me:...May I have my receipt, please?
Girl: *sighs, rolls her eyes, rips the receipt off and slams it down on the counter*
Me: *icy tone* Thank you for your prestigious attendance.

I went and complained and she got fired the next day.

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