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Pushing the extended service plan pitch past the tolerance level...

I realize that salespeople at electronics retailers are forced to try to force you to take the extended warranty, but the salesperson we dealt with tonight went above and beyond normal levels of pushiness with the pitch. He was under ten seconds away from losing the sale altogether.

We have been shopping for a laser printer half the summer, but kept running into the bait and switch. We would arrive at the store a couple of days after the flyer came out and they would be out and the other options were more expensive, bigger and with fewer features. Today was the first time we had been able to make it to the store on the first day of the flyer and they still had three of them- probably because the label above the stack still said $299, not taking into account the "instant rebate" and mail-in rebate (both of which are marketing ploys that irritate me to no end) that brought it down to $199Cdn. It took us five or ten minutes to flag down a salesperson- mostly because I wasn't willing to abandon the stack of printers that were still in stock. He confirmed the price, checked a price on the shredder that was next to it (way overpriced) and we said, OK, we'll take it. Decided in under 30 second- easy sale for him.

He starts the spiel and as soon as he opens the warranty folder, I said "I just bought a camera from you a couple of months ago and took the warranty, so I'm aware of the program. Just tell us how much it is for this item and skip the long form pitch- we're in a hurry this evening." The price for the warranty is based on the pre-rebate price of course, so they want $80 for a three year warranty on a $200 printer. I don't think so.

My husband says a reflexive no, he grumbles under his breath about how these things are a rip-off and he'd never buy their warranty.

I say, "No, I'm sorry, we're not interested. That's too much of the percentage of the cost of the printer."

He tries again.

I say, "No thank you, I don't think it's necessary for this purchase. It's overpriced."

He tries again, "But to have a repair shop even *look* at it..."

My husband cuts him off and says "Not this time..."

The salesperson looks defeated.

My husband wanders off, thinking the guy has given up.

"And how will you be paying for this?"

I say, "On my Visa..."

Seeing my husband has wandered off, the guy starts up again, in a hushed tone "Look, I really have to recommend this to you personally, I think it's a good thing to have because so much can go wrong with these printers, you know the farfenmaflugen, the supercathingmajig..."

Oh, the throwing the jargon at the little woman once the man wanders off is making the world go red very quickly.

The only thing that's preventing me from getting the Visa card back from him and telling him to shove the printer up near his prostate gland is the fact that it's a bloody miracle that this stupid thing is in stock at all and the fact that our ink jet that has streaked since the first time we changed the ink has finally given up the ghost completely and I've been shopping for a new printer all summmer and my in-laws are paying for this one as my birthday present.

"Look, I don't know how much more clearly I can say no..."

"But if you get it home and you find it's..."

I'm so mad I can't even hear the rest of what he's babbling about.

"And if it does that, I will be bringing it back for a refund as a defective product! *and I'm getting loud enough that my husband has wandered back into the picture* You, know it either works or it doesn't. I'm not paying 40% of the purchase price on the off chance that it shits the bed 3 days after the manufacturers warranty expires."

At this point, my husband is waving at the guy, like, dude, if you value your life, give it up and run the damn card. "We won't be taking the warranty. Ring up the purchase and make sure there's a rebate copy of the receipt. Thank you."

I would have walked out and bought it elsewhere but as soon as they changed the signage to reflect the flyer price, those printer were gone. And I live in Vancouver and it will be raining from now until June and this is the easiest location for me to get it home from. If I hadn't already tried to buy a printer on at least five separate trips to this store already since early summer, I would have walked.

I am still debating making a written complaint about the fact that the guy started the pitch up again when my husband walked away after already hearing no several times. He very definitely was trying a sexist move by trying to techno-babble me when my husband moved away.
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