whatever and ever amen (____andever) wrote in bad_service,
whatever and ever amen

you can't have your money back!

The business I work at is just down the street from a small cafe. Since they deliver and have great food, we like to order from them. Well, not anymore...

A few weeks ago, we ordered from them and were overcharged... a bit annoying, but no huge deal. I work with my mom, so after work we went to pick up the money we were owed, as we had called earlier and were told to pick it up. When my mom came back out, she said they basically threw it at her and didn't apologize for overcharging. Okay, a bit cold, but no huge deal.

About a week after that, we ordered from there again, as it was my coworker's birthday and she wanted that for lunch. Almost everyone's order had something wrong with it... weird things like, they gave us chopped onions instead of onion rings, etc... so that was pretty annoying, but after a phone call they delivered us the stuff they had forgotten. They still weren't pleasant about it, but at least they fixed their mistakes and the food was great. So...

Today, one of my other coworkers said he wanted to eat there. We expected a few things might be mixed up, but since he wanted it and he does so much for us (he's our custodian), we decided to order from there. Dumb of us? Well, we expected a few things might be mixed up (and they were), but we didn't expect this...

So our food arrives, and I saw mine had cheese when it wasn't supposed to, but whatever, I can take it off. Well, then we see our custodian's meal... he ordered a hamburger and got a salami sub. So my other coworker calls the place and asks if they can bring us the right meal, and if we can get the difference refunded, as the sub cost more than the burger was supposed to (about $2 more.) Okay, fine, they'll bring it over.

Well, the girl who brings it over is just about the rudest person we've ever dealt with. First of all, she goes off on a tangent, actually accusing my coworker of ordering the wrong item. Multiple times. The girl will not shut up. So my mother, who is talking to the EE (evil employee), tells her, "My coworker wrote down exactly what the order was and read it off the sheet to you." EE asks to see the sheet, and we give it to her. She reads it and still doesn't believe us. So my mom is like, whatever, just give us the $2. EE is still pissed off as all hell and tells us she is NOT giving us the money because we ordered the wrong thing, and she can't resell the sub, so we're out of luck. But we can keep the sub!!! My mother says we do NOT want the sub and please give us our money back. EE refuses and finally says, "I'll go back and check the sheet, and if I wrote down the wrong thing I'll come back with your money." Needless to say, she does not return. And needless to say, we'll never order from them again, no matter how good the food is!

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