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i had the weirdest bad service yesterday....im not sure even how to classify it except as rude.

so this is how it happened, i work in an office building, cleaning after hours. There are vending machines all over the place and i was super thirsty but i didnt have any cash on me, just my debit card. I went across the parking lot to the beer and soda store to grab a couple sodas. So i get there and get my two sodas ( i must mention i had never been in this store before) its set up weird and there wasnt really a place that looked like it had a cash register  but there were a couple different countertop things around the store in different places so i wasnt sure where to cash out. So i went up to the only employee there who was standing beside a counter and nicely asked if this is where i cash out. She looked at me like i had maggot eating my face and said "UMMM NO. does this look like where you cash out?" and i explained the aforementioned ( never been there, several counters, no register in sight) So she doesnt say another word and walks across the store to what i now know is the cash register under the cabinet. i go over and put my two cans of soda up on the counter and she rings them up and my total comes to $1.10. i hand her my debit card, she looks at it then at me and says "YOU"VE GOT TO BE KIDDING". i just stare at her and say no. I didnt really have anything to say because i wasnt expecting this kind of treatment. I then (even though i really feel like i shouldnt have to) explain that where i work there are only soda machines and i didnt have any cash on me and i am the only one in the building so i couldnt borrow a dollar. She rolls her eyes and sighs and finally swipes my card. throws it on the counter at me and walks away, just like that. I said "hey! can i get my reciept?" ( because i save all my debit reciepts to balance my check book) she says "OH MY GOD THIS IS RIDICULOUS!" rips my reciept out of the machine and throws it toward me where it flutters to the floor. i picked it up and I looked around to see if there was anyone else there who saw what had conspired but it was just me and her. and now apparentley just me because she stormed off to the back somewhere. So i walked out totally a) confused  b) pissed off for being treated like shit but at least i wasnt thirsty anymore i guess... i have yet to get in contact with a manager about what hapened but i feel like i need to so this lady doesnt drive away all business


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