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Sears Hell

We had a hell of a time purchasing a house and then we had a hell of a time purchasing a damn refrigerator. Here's the uncut story as told by Gimel (my fiancée). It's rather long so prepare yourself.

I am writing this letter in response to the extremely poor service I received from Sears’s department store (Located in the Staten Island Mall, 2655 Richmond Ave Staten Island, NY 10314) and their delivery services. My fiancée and I purchased a new home recently and the refrigerator that came with the house did not work. Our groceries spoiled while inside the refrigerator at the highest setting. So we went to the Sears department store located in the Staten Island Mall and purchased the Satina™ Whirlpool 21.7 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator w/ PUR® Water Filtration on July 2nd 2008. The sales representative was a lady named Daphne. My fiancée and I was informed by Daphne that the refrigerator could not be delivered until Thursday July 10th and that we could not schedule a delivery time the delivery time would be given to us the night before the delivery after 6pm. We were initially upset because this meant we had to go with out a refrigerator for over a week plus we would have to wait to have the floors redone until after the 10th (My fiancée and I are both asthmatics so we needed to have the carpets pulled up and have the floors redone), and because Sears had advertised (and continues to advertise) their “Ultimate Appliance Promise” which promises best price guaranteed, 24/7 worry free service and next day delivery with haul away service.

On July 9th I received a phone call around 6pm from a live representative informing me that the delivery would take place between 2 to 4pm the next day, this call was followed by 3 automated calls (one to my fiancée’s cell phone, my cell phone, and a second call to the house phone) confirming the delivery. I stayed home from work the next day to receive the delivery. The next morning around 9:30 I received a phone call from a Sears representative saying that the delivery was canceled because they did not have the refrigerator that we purchased and that would not be delivered until July 25th. I complained that I received 4 confirmation calls the night before confirming the delivery, that I stayed home from work in order to receive the delivery, and that we can not go without a refrigerator for an entire month. The representative said the person I spoke to the night before did not read the information properly and thus needed better training. She suggested that we select a different fridge from the sears department store where we originally purchased the refrigerator. I contacted my fiancée via the computer to inform her of the situation we both immediately called the Sears department store telephone number. My fiancée was able to get through to a store representative before I could. The store representative said that her computer showed the refrigerator was in stock and that it can be shipped for the next day as long as the order is placed before 3pm. The representative told us to call back after 1pm when the manager came in so that the manager could put in the order to make sure we received it the next day.

At 1 o’clock I called the Sears department store 3 times, each time the telephone operator would transfer me to the appliance department the phone would ring approximately 4 times then go silent and then hang up. After the 3rd call, I decided to go to the store and speak to the manager directly. I arrived at the store at 1:20pm, I went to the appliance department I explained the situation and asked to speak to the manager. The representative proceeded to look up my information on the computer instead of contacting the manager. He said that the computer showed the refrigerator in stock but that it could not be delivered until Saturday July 14th. I told him that we scheduled the floor to be put in on Saturday and that we did it with the understanding that the refrigerator would be delivered before hand. I again asked the representative to speak to the manager. Instead he called Daphne the sales person that originally sold the refrigerator to us. After explaining the situation again, Daphne apologized for the inconvenience and called the shipping department. The shipping department representative told her that the company never delivered the refrigerators that the next shipment would not come until the 25th of July. Daphne said we would have to select another model refrigerator and pointed out an alternative refrigerator Ultra Satin™ Kenmore 21.7 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator w/ PUR® Ultimate II Water Filtration which was about $100 more. At this point it was after 2pm and I had yet to speak to a manager. I asked to speak to a manager again and Daphne then went and brought over the manager named Michael. After explaining the situation again, Michael instructed Daphne to cancel the first order put in the order for the new refrigerator at the same price we paid for the original. I made them check to see if the refrigerator was in stock as to not go the same problem again, they told me that they had 10 of the refrigerators in stock. Michael said that he would contact the delivery manager to have the refrigerator sent the next day Friday July 11 before the floor were to be done. About 20 minutes later he informed me that the delivery manager named Tom would call me in about an hour to give us the delivery time for the next day and that he would be able to compensate me for missing a day from work for a confirmed delivery that never came. By the time I left the store it was a little after 3pm.

At 4:30pm, I had yet to receive a phone call from Tom the delivery manager. I called the store and went through the run around were each time the telephone operator would transfer me to the appliance department the phone would ring approximately 4 times then go silent and then hang up. After the 4th time I told the telephone operator to please not simply transfer me to the other number that the 4 previous operators did and the call would ring them hang up. The operator became really nasty and said she could not do anything more than what the other operators did. I told her if I called 4 times and each time the calls are being dropped, then the system is not working please try something else. She then said she could not do anything but transfer me to that number the same way the other operators did. At that point I asked for her manager. A manager named Kimberly came on and I proceeded to explain the situation to her, the manager then said she would transfer me to another area where the managers were and that she would call me back in 10 min to see if I got through. I agreed and was transferred to the other area, but no one picked up and after 4 rings the call was dropped. Kimberly called back after 10 minutes and I told her I call did not go through she said she would try to reach the manager Michael and call me back (but never did). I then decided to call the store number randomly changing the last two numbers since many of the papers had all of the same numbers expect the last two digits. At 7:46pm, I finally got through to the store and by some chance was speaking to Daphne the sale representative. I told her that Tom did not call and the hassle I went through to try and get to speak to Michael. She apologized and said she would find Michael and have him call me. About 20 min later Daphne called me back, she said that Michael said he would call Tom and then call me back. At 9pm I called the store back and spoke to Daphne. I told her that neither Michael nor Tom had called. Daphne put me on hold and went to find Michael, she came back on the phone and told me that Michael said that tom left at 3pm that he informed him of the entire situation and would call me back first thing in the morning with the delivery time.

I stayed home from work again with my fiancée anticipating the refrigerator would be delivered that day as Michael said it would. By 10am I had not received a call from Tom. I called the store and was told that Michael would not be in until 2pm. Extremely frustrated I called the delivery number, I asked to speak to Tom the manager, the delivery person on the phone began asking for my telephone number, account number, my order number, and wanted me to explain what I wanted. After having to explain the situation numerous times to several different individuals, I demanded that a manager be put on the phone at once. The delivery manager came on the phone. She claimed that she could not hear me and that she would take my number and would call me right back. About 10 to 15 min later she called back on my fiancée's cell. She said that Tom was not the delivery manager, that he was actually the warehouse manager, that there was no way we could get the refrigerator that day that they could do it the next day which was Saturday the 12th. I told the manager that we had scheduled for the floors to be worked on that Saturday (around the delivery date), that we paid a non refundable deposit and that the company said it would take the entire day. She then offered the delivery to be done on Sunday July 13th, I told her about my concerns that the floors might be damaged when they would be taking out the old refrigerator and carrying in the new refrigerator. She then assured me that the delivery people would have “special equipment” that would protect the floors from being damaged, she even said she added notes to that effect to the order. I then asked for a time of delivery and some type of guarantee or assurance that we would receive the refrigerator on Sunday. She said that they can not be sure it will be delivered since they don’t get the products in until the day before the delivery, I told her that in the store they told me that they had 10 in stock. The manager said that was not true that their system made a mistake or is not connected to theirs. There was nothing I could do but hope that it would come on Sunday. I told her that I was informed that I would be compensated for the day I missed from work (which had now become 2 days missed), she told me all she could do was send me a $50 gift certificate.

Saturday night we get a call saying the delivery would be between 10 -12 on Sunday. At 11:55am on Sunday, we called sears to find out where the delivery was. The delivery guys called exactly at 12pm to tell us that they would be 15 min late. The delivery men were hesitant to take the refrigerator in because they thought it was too big for the stairway as well as too big for the space in the kitchen. I assured them that I measured the house and it would fit. I asked to see the “special equipment” that the representative said they would bring. The delivery guy said they have no such thing the only thing they had was the cardboard box that housed the refrigerator. When the delivery men brought the refrigerator in I actually had to help direct and lift the refrigerator up the stairs and into the kitchen. On top of that the refrigerator needs to have the water line set up to it in order to be able to use the water filtration system, which we were never informed of. We now have to pay and additional $130 dollars to have someone come in and set it up.

So in the end I lost 2 days work, my fiancée lost 1 day of work, spent over a week without a working refrigerator, had to endure 2 days of phone calls and running around, false promises by Sears management, received the refrigerator late on 2nd delivery date, had to lift the refrigerator myself, and now pay an additional $130 to have the water installed. For compensation for all this the best Sears can do is give me a 50 gift certificate.

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