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Very small, quick suck from McDonalds -

Ordered a medium Big Mac meal without Big Mac sauce via drive-thru. I ordered the same thing yesterday (Uni holidays means lazy McDonalds lunchs, sometimes two days in a row. Sue me.) The same girl was working both days. Yesterday she charged me $6.25, the correct price. Today she charged me $6.65. I was baffled by the price change, and tried to look behind her to see if the prices had gone up, but I didn't have my glasses on and couldn't read the prices properly. She also crumpled up the receipt and tossed it as she gave me my change.

So I drive around to the window, wondering if the prices had increased and if not what she could have done to increase the price by the odd increment of 40 cents. I get my drink, it's the right size. Get the bag, have a peek inside, medium fries and a Big Mac with a grill slip. All seems good, so I am now really puzzled.

Get home, eat my fries, get to the burger - and it's got Big Mac sauce on it. I truly hate it when this happens, because I really hate the stuff. It happens quite a bit though, and I looked at the grill slip expecting to see "without pickles" on there, which is what usually happens when I get Big Mac sauce, but no. She'd fucking put "X-tra Big Mac sauce" into the register. And charged me 40 cents extra for something I wanted none of anyway. Man, I wished they deducted 40 cents every time I ordered it without the goddamn sauce! :(

Btw, I know it's my fault really for not checking the stupid burger in the car, but it's a pain in the arse to open the bag, dig out the burger, open it up and peer under the bun, especially if there's someone behind you waiting for you to move. I just take my chances, but I wish they'd listen :(
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