The Artist formerly known as Cybele24 (rightsaidred) wrote in bad_service,
The Artist formerly known as Cybele24

sunglasses. sigh.

So the post below about sunglasses reminded me of what happened last month when I attempted to buy sunglasses.

I went in to Target optical as they were having a couple of sales on and I had just gotten a new prescription. I shopped around for a while and finally decided on a pair of purple-rimmed Nicole Miller frames. They look great on me. As she's taking down my info to place my order, the girl mentions that they're running a special on sunglasses... only $150 for a complete pair if you're buying regular glasses too. So I glanced over, not expecting to find any and see the PERFECT pair of tortoiseshell Ray Ban wraparounds. I try them on, love them, decide to order.

The tech says she'll have to check whether my prescription will fit in a wraparound, so I amuse myself for a few minutes trying on ridiculous looking frames for comedic effect. She comes back in a few minutes and tells me (this is important) "I checked in the computer and we can do these in your prescription, no problem."

I'm delighted, pay my $400 bucks for both pairs and continue my shopping.

So imagine my surprise when I am roused from sleep at 8 am! the next morning by the same optical tech on the phone telling me "So I tried to order your sunglasses and it turns out we can't do them in your prescription. Would you like to come pick out another pair?" I was rather unhappy.

I dragged my ass out of bed, took the bus back to Target, only to find not a single pair I liked, and ended up having to get them refunded.

I was at PearleVision yesterday, where the very nice clerk who sold me glasses for my hubby and brother-in-law told me without even checking that with my scrip, the only place that could do even a slight wraparound for me would be a specialty eyewear clinic. Otherwise, I'm going to have to pick a regular set of frames and just get the lenses tinted. Guess I'm sticking to my contacts if I want a decent looking pair of shades.

Tl;DR: Incompetent eye tech is incompetent...
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