mizbhaven13 (mizbhaven13) wrote in bad_service,

good thing this wasn't fast food

I’ve been shopping at the same grocery store for 15 years, so I pretty much know everyone there. In the last few weeks, though, there has been a lot of turnover. A new store manager came in and about half of the cashiers & CS people have been replaced. No big deal, really because all of them seem quite nice and I’ve honestly never had a problem with anyone there - until today.

I had just come from the doctor and dropped off my prescriptions in the pharmacy. I had some shopping to do while my meds were filled so I wandered around the store for about 20 minutes, picked up my scrips and went to check out. My mom was using the self-check register so I just got behind her. She finished her transaction and I started ringing my stuff up. I had some sodas and a bag of tortilla chips. The chips rang up higher than the shelf tag, so I pushed the little ‘help’ button on the screen and waited for the attendant to come over. I showed her the chips and told her they rang up the wrong price (the store had a certain size of this brand chips on sale and I wasn’t 100% sure I had grabbed the right bag). I told her that I was almost certain these were the chips on sale, but that I was a little groggy from a pain shot the doctor gave me. She sighed, rolled her eyes at me and said she would do a price check. She took the bag of chips and left. My mom was sitting on the bench at the front of the store, waiting for me.

Like I said, I was groggy from the shot and wasn’t really paying attention to anything around me until another cashier came over and asked if I needed help. I explained that the first girl was doing a price check and she went on. My mom came up a few minutes after that and asked what was taking so long. I told her and she said, “you’ve been standing there for about 10 minutes.” She showed me the time stamp on her receipt, which was 1:58. I checked my cell phone and it was 2:12. After a few more minutes, the second employee came back over and asked me if I had been helped. I explained the situation to her and she asked who had been doing the price check for me. I told her the girl’s name (Laura) and she got this funny look on her face and said, “Laura just clocked out for the day.”

She called over another cashier, a girl named Jessica who’s worked there for the last 3 years and asked her if she could do the price check. As soon as Jessica heard what the check was on, she got a strange look on her face too. The other girl asked what was wrong and Jessica said, “Laura gave me a bag of chips about 15 minutes ago and told me to put them back cuz the customer had changed their mind.” Jessica went & got me another bag of chips, the other girl finished my transaction while the two of them apologized profusely. Apparently, Laura was going to be transferred to a store on the other side of town and wasn’t very happy about it because she wouldn’t get to see her boyfriend, who works in dairy.

Jessica gave me the store manager’s name and suggested that I call and let him know about the whole ordeal. I called after I came home and the manager apologized as well, saying that something like that should never have happened, and that it definitely wouldn’t happen with that employee ever again. He offered me a $10 gift card for my trouble (I might actually take it, since it can be used at the Fuel Center) and said if I had any other problems to let him know.

I checked my receipt as I was talking to him. My time stamp? 2:28. So yeah…30 minutes to buy a couple of 2 liter sodas and a bag of chips - while being abandoned in the middle of it by a lovely cashier.

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