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Just when I thought I'd heard it all....

Friday night my BF and I went to the restaurant that's here where he lives (in a marina). Since he's a regular there, all the servers know him by name and so forth, which sometimes leads them to push their luck a little. (Serving newbies first because the regulars are sure to come back, that kind of thing.) It hasn't been too horrendous until now.

Well, Friday he and I stayed until closing time and ran up quite a tab. (Fifteen draft microbrews, one dinner and three mixed drinks.) He put it on his card and left a cash tip for "James", the barkeep. (Because, as we all know, cash tips are less easily traced and tracked.)

The next day he went up for a Coke while I was at work. The owner of the place came by his table and absolutely CONFRONTED HIM FOR "NOT TIPPING".

Let me repeat that. The owner of the restaurant felt it necessary to accost a regular customer for not leaving a tip.

My BF asked if Owner had talked with James.

No, Owner was basing this solely on an eyeballing of the credit receipt.

BF told the owner what he thought of him and left (without ever getting the Coke he'd sought).

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