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The Latest Christmas Gift

This may be long...

Edit: After sending a complaint email saying I am filing a complaint with better business bureau, I got an email and hour afterwards.  Hm...

Edit 2: The items arrived July 21st, and in excellent condition.  I can say I am rather giddy about how the turnout was ^_______________^

So in December I ordered a Black Flat Velvet Beret from this internet company (They are called Timeless Finery/Enchanted Mirror.  They also have an ebay account under this name, where they sell Stevie Nicks replica clothing) as a little christmas present with the money I got from my parents for christmas shopping.  I paid immediately and thought that since its such a simple thing to make (I've made one before, but I wanted to order one of hers since I really liked them), that it would arrive before Christmas.  Sadly it didn't work out that way.  I waited until January to email the seller whats up and see why this thing hasn't arrived yet, in which she responds that they are behind in orders.  I could understand this since I used to run my own webshop when I was a kid.  Made about 400 in one summer at 11.  I left it alone and waited until early February, in which she told me it was made and about to be shipped in 7-10 days.  I waited and waited until March where at that point I was like "Screw it, I don't even want the damn thing now!" since I was so frustrated and I know something mailed within the US shouldn't take a whole month to arrive.  I emailed the seller once again for a refund, but couldn't receive it since my beret was made in a custom fabric and they were in the process of making mines after just buying the fabric (WTF?!  She didn't say that before!).  Since I was about to bust a blood vessel, I demanded I get at least something else to compensate for this beret that I didn't even want anymore, in which we agreed that she would make a scarf in same fabric (before the scarf proposal, I filed 2 claims on Paypal, in which no results came through on both, which fueled a bit of hate for paypal in my soul).  I wait again until mid-April and ask for the details of the order, in which it is just being made and about to be shipped in a week (it gets shipped April 25th).  It finally arrives in early-May, and I was filled with much glee, until I opened up the package.  Not only was the scarf in the wrong fabric (it was in some screwed up ugly crushed black velvet crap) but the seams on the sides were already ripping (And I just opened the package!).  I send another angry email asking for a refund or an exchange, in which she proposes I could send the scarf back and get the beret I ordered along with 2 other things (since now that supposed to be non-existant beret is now real) or I could keep the scarf.  I choose the first option and sent off the scarf immediately, hoping since everything is already made and easy to package it should be sent off fast.  I then wait until June asking if my stuff has been shipped off, where she responds that her car is broken down and she could not ship it off because she could not get a ride.  She then emails me June 26th saying the package has been shipped.  I wait until July (The 6th I think...) to mail about its arrival.  I got no reply.  I mail again a week later. No reply.  I email here again from my email and my ebay email, both are ignored (yet she had the time to respond to ebay feedback she received, so I know for a fact that she saw my email and choose not to respond).  I give up and decide to say screw it and file a complaint with BBB hoping to get something out of this situation (Either my 77 dollars or that beret with extra).
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