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I had the worst customer service I've ever experienced before in my life today at a local Cumberland Farms.

For anyone not familiar, they're a gas station/convenience store. They have 79 cent 32 oz drinks and a special right now where if you buy one of the drinks and their select candy (reese's PB cups) you get a combo for 99 cents!

I went yesterday and got a banana slushie and white chocolate PB cups. I made sure to ask if the white chocolate ones counted towards the combo and both the cashier and manager said yes. The cashier had a hard time getting the combo to ring up with the white chocolate ones, but she figured out a way to get them to ring in and off I went.

Today I went again (yes I'm a sucker for cheap soda and chocolate) and also got a few other things (a newspaper, a big bag of chips and 3 candies that were 3/$1. As the cashier rang up my items I politely mentioned that yesterday there was a problem getting the white chocolate ones to ring up right for the combo and could she please check to make sure the combo price was what I was charged. She said that they were ringing up just fine and gave me my total of $4.46. It sounded high to me, so I asked her again if she could please check to make sure that the combo was charged correctly because the total sounds high. She said again, I got charged correctly, so I gave her my debit card. When I got the receipt, I could clearly see that I had NOT been charged correctly, and asked her to fix it. She had already started helping the woman behind me so she finished her up and looked at my receipt.

She then started arguing with me (seriously!) that I had been charged correctly and showed me where I had saved $.17 for a combo. I said those are for the 3/$1 items, not the drink/candy, and could she please fix it. She said that I was charged correctly and there was nothing to fix. I showed her again, this time getting a little annoyed and raising my voice (I know, I'm sorry...) and saying that I had in fact NOT been charged correctly and I just want to pay what I should pay. She then told me she had no way of doing a return (what?!) and I lost my patience, grabbed my things and walked out.

I then got out to my car, did the math in my head, and stomped back into the place because I knew I had been charged wrong and I wasn't going to settle for that bullcrap excuse to not fix it. As soon as I opened the door, Ms Attitude rolled her eyes at me so I got in the other woman's line (she had heard the exchange) and waited for her to fix it. I showed her how the groups of things that were for $1 each (3 groups) and the newspaper should not add up to over $4. She looked at it and said, Ok, let's try to fix this. She rang up everything, made sure to do the combo right this time, and lo and behold my total was only $3.62. Hmmm...but remember, I had been charged correctly the first time. So she said she'd give me the difference which was $.84. But then she charged my card for the $3.62 I should have been charged. So I politely pointed out that if she had just charged my card for the corrected order, she owed me the entire $4.46 for the incorrect order. She thought about it for a second and agreed. Turns out they really can't do any kind of return to a credit card (what?!!) so she actually had to do some sort of customer satisfaction payout in cash to me to get me my refund.

I then explained to her that I wasn't upset because the computer charged me wrong, I was upset because I had asked her to check that I had been charged right the first time and Ms Attitude jumped in and started bitching at me again and saying that I was rude and had "started it". I asked her for her manager because at this point I was sick of her attitude. She said that there wasn't one on duty (which is probably crap), so I asked for his name and phone number. The woman helping me got a little upset at this point and I explained to her that she had been helpful that the other one hadn't. Ms Attitude jumped in again and gave me more crap about how if I tell her manager she'll just tell him that I was rude to her first and he won't care. At that point I asked her for her name and she refused to give it to me (which I know is a HUGE nono about this place's policies). I also noticed that she either wasn't wearing a nametag or had hidden it inside her jacket. Again a violation of their policies. So I asked the woman who had been helping me for Ms Attitude's name and she gave it to me and I also asked her for her name so I could tell them that she had been very helpful. I also noticed that there was an 888 number on the receipt, so I didn't persue getting the contact number of the store and said I would call that instead.

I then walked back out to my car, put my cell phone headset on and dialed the 888 number and told Judy, who was SO nice, exactly what had happened. She apologized and said that no, that was not how they expected their employees to act with customers and asked if the woman was wearing a nametag. I said no, she refused to give it to me. She then asked if she was wearing a nametag and I said she either wasn't wearing one or it was underneath her jacket, but I told her that I had asked the other woman what her name was and told it to her. I also told her the other woman's name and how she had been far more helpful than the original woman I dealt with. She thanked me for calling them with my experience and offered to mail me a coupon for the inconvenience. I told her that it wasn't necessary, but she insisted, so I gave her my address. She then said she was going to pass on this information to the area supervisor in charge of the area I live in. I offered her my phone number in case the area supervisor wanted to call me directly and she said that would be great so I gave it to her.

I don't want to see that woman fired, I just want to see her trained properly not only on how to make sure customers are charged properly, but how to have a discussion with a customer including a disagreement without arguing with them.
Sorry it got so long, I just need to get this out and be done with it.
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