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I preface this with yes, I have some issues in some social situations, it is not everyone's business to know what or why but I wanted to mention this that I understand some of this is on my end.

I went to Starbucks to get a drink, a "caramel macchiato" but with soymilk and toffee-nut syrup instead of caramel. I ordered it as such "Can I please have a tall soy toffee-nut macchiato" and the girl cheerfully said "sure!" and that was the transaction.

So I wait for my drink. And wait. and wait. and wait. 15 minutes pass, which is a long time for a Starbucks drink. So I asked the girl making drinks (not the one who took my order) why customers who came after me are served before me, and she goes "OH I had to ask you about your drink! Did you want 2 shots of espresso or one?" I just replied "Whatever comes normally...?" and she gets a weird face and says "Do you know anything about this drink?" Which made me feel really awkward so I just said "yes, I've ordered this before" (true. just not at this location) So she says "well this is just like, foam on espresso." And I said "Um... I just want the caramel macchiato with toffee-nut instead of caramel" and she kind of rolls her eyes and says "OK FINE" and starts making it and I see she's doing it with milk (I cannot have milk), so I go over again and say "Excuse me, but it has to be made with soy." and she makes a really mean face at me and goes "FINE" again really snottily and sets that drink aside and kind of bangs around while she gets the soy. So I look visibly upset at this point because I'll be honest, I don't do well with things like this. When my drink is ready she hands it to me and say "Oh don't cry, it's just a drink." and I felt like shit and walked out.

It just made me feel really awkward and now I dread going there again, but it's the only one near my job. Lame.

I don't know if complaining will do anything in this instance as I guess I was being "weird" and may have come off as rude when in reality I was just uncomfortable.

Edit: I just popped back in and talked to the manager. I refused the offer of a free drink card, I just wanted an apology.
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