daemonaquila (daemonaquila) wrote in bad_service,

Plain... Black... Iced... Tea...

Why is this hard?

The closest spot to grab a quick iced tea near work is a Starbuck's. I try to avoid when possible, but sometimes I'm in a rush - oh, well.

Lately, they've been getting "creative" about what a plain black iced tea means. Today took the cake - it apparently meant "sweetened, and also with lemonade." When I told the barista that no, I had ordered a plain, black, iced tea, she said "Oh, that's how we normally do it here."

No, it's not. 8 times out of 10 (sad, huh?) I've gotten a plain, black, iced tea when I've ordered one. Occasionally, a barista will ask me whether I'd like any syrup added to sweeten it. 2 times out of 10 they'll try to add syrup without asking. A couple times they've poured a tea latte for no apparent reason. But sweetener and lemonade??? How do you reinterpret a plain black iced tea as an Arnie Palmer?

I've ordered this at Starbuck's all over the country without any differences store to store, which is what you'd expect from a chain. I know darned well that the "official" version at this store is the same as the others. So why should it be hard to just pour the basic?
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