robertr4836 (robertr4836) wrote in bad_service,

"Butcher" Shop

This is minor but it has been bothering me way out of proportion and I'm hoping writing about it will let me forget it.

I ordered a special cut of meat to make for my parents and Grandmother on Sunday, a rack of pork with frenched bones and with the back bone cut from the rib bones but not separated (this is the same cut of meat used for crown roasts except with the crown roast the backbone is completely removed and two racks are tied to form a circle).

I noticed a problem when I went to pick it up...the roast had been completely cut and tied back together and the rib bones had not been frenched (if you don't know...just some meat removed from the end of the rib to make the roast look prettier). I pointed it out to the butcher and he apologized but said that's the way they always do them. I was a little steamed that they didn't do what I had asked but it was too late to order another one and I figured it would be OK.

It wasn't until I went to put it into the oven the next morning that I realized they hadn't removed and tied back the back bone...they had removed and tied back the ribs. Big giant WTF! If I had wanted a rack of pork ribs and a bone in roast I could have just picked the damn shit off the shelf and tied it together myself. Twine isn't all that expensive and I know how to tie a knot.

I don't want to mention the place because they are more than a butcher shop and I generally like the place but, as I said in the email to corporate, I won't be buying any high end meats from them again!

tl,dr: A butcher shop “butchered” a special order roast either through shear incompetence or because they made an honest mistake then tried to cover it up instead of owning up to it.

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