0bazooka0 (0bazooka0) wrote in bad_service,

Amazon suck

I recently ordered a book through Amazon. It was a brand new copy of Everything is Illuminated.  Now the version I ordered was the edition with the original cover. It also stated in the description that it was brand new.

The book arrived within the two weeks stated, albiet the last few days. When I opened it, I discovered to my dismay that it was the movie tie-in edition, NOT the original. Not only that but the cover was scuffed, like someone had lightly rubbed a brillo pad over it before shipping. I left negative feedback on the seller's page and have since recieved three emails asking me to remove my negative feedback. I've sent them an email back every time stating that the feedback will stay and to not email me any further. One more email and I'm filing a harassment claim with amazon.

Am I overreacting?
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