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Both on the Minor side

The first happened on Friday evening in Columbus Ohio. My mom and I were visiting my Grandma and took her out to dinner both nights we were there. First night was a woooooonderful Italian restaruant called Luce, and the 2nd was at El Vaquerros (sp?) on Friday night. I think, actually, these are in Powell, OH but since I'm from Colorado I'm not entirely sure.

I do know the El Vaquerros was on Glick and Dublin (Powell turned in to Glick as we travelled west I believe). The woman at the Free Valet service was nice (her trainee was a little cocky but fine also). The hostess was fine, and our server was really great. So where's the suck?

One of the runners (? Not sure if that was his position as I never really saw him do much of anything except stand near us) hovered by our table. It's a small-ish restaurant crammed with tables (not the complaint) and ours happened to be right next to the kitchen (not the complaint). There are carts right by the wall we were seated near for dirty dishes and the guy was leaning against one of these. The entire meal he just stood there, staring at us, seeming to eavesdrop on our location. Our server bumped into him a few times, and I could tell he tried to make him leave but our server was too uber polite to really be like "no seriously, go away."

I tried looking over my shoulder and giving him an angry look every few minutes but he just kept looking at us like we were telling the best stories and he couldn't wait for the next one. If I had been there without my mother (I'm sure 90% of you who've ever posted in Customers_suck have met my mother, or some variation of her) I would have asked him directly to leave, and then gotten a manager if he still refused. As it was, I decided to tolerate it because our server was excellent and so was the food, and I really, really did not want to see tables and chairs flown at people if my mother found out. I really thought it was more on the minor annoyance side and didn't need that type of reaction.

And then Malones, here in Arvada Colorado.

Normally we have pretty good service here. Yesterday, not so much. My parents and I arrived around noon, and the place was pretty empty except for a few people at the bar, one couple in a booth, and 2 tables pushed together for a bigger group. We asked for a booth and was seated by the guy who became our server. Don't know his name, as he wasn't wearing a name tag and never said it.

The menus recently changed, and it said on there that some of the menu ITEMS had changed too. I went to my favorite (BLT on wheat) and noticed it was still the same. It no longer said it came with a side but I wasn't hungry enough for one anyway, so I made a note to ask about the tomatoes, and didn't think about the side.

First suck: I asked for the BLT on wheat, and he asked what side I want. I said, "Oh, it didn't say it came with one. Are they the same sides as before, or are there new ones?"

His response: "Ah, the ill-prepared customer" *sigh* *flips to 1st page, no where near my BLT and points*

I quickly read over them...they are exactly the same as before (he could've just said this) and asked for the fries.

Suck of the 2nd: My mother asked for a glass of wine. When he brought the drinks out he placed them down without a word and tried to keep on walking.

Mother: "Uhm, excuse me?"

Him: *sigh* "Yeah?"

"Do you think I could get this in a glass that doesn't have lipstick on it?
"What, you don't want a lipstick print on your glass?" *said sarcastically as if he was trying to make it a joke but you could still hear the annoyance in his voice*

It took him 15 minutes or so to bring it back and when he set it down, he didn't look at my mother, apologize to her for the inconvenience or the delay. He simply said, "Apply your own" and walked on. We didn't see him again until he gave us the check (someone else brought our food out) and started sucking up (apparently he still had hopes of getting a nice tip). My dad and I are really good tippers (he always tips 15% I always tip 20% if I can, and they deserve it, cuz I've been there). I think my dad left $4 on a $25 bill. He didn't even wait until we were two steps away from the table to make a half gasp half grunt sound at my dad's tip, clearly disappointed in it.

Edit to add:

On a previous occasion at this restaurant I found a hair INSIDE my burrito, sticking out of the edge (longer than my hair and darker than anyone's at the table), and the server didn't even ask if there was anything she could do to make it better. And my mother made me eat the meal anyway

And I split some nachos with a friend there for lunch, and we found a bandaid inside. It didn't look like it was a used bandaid in that there didn't appear to be blood or pus on the pad...but it was a bandaid! Ewwww! The best the server could do was take $1 off the total.
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