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In regards to due dates and the like.

This is just a mild bad service/annoyance.

I just returned yesterday from an unexpected trip - my uncle died in a tragic accident on the 3rd, and I had to drive down to IL (from MN) to be with the family.

My roommate had oh-so-wonderfully stacked all of my mail neatly on my desk (I love her to bits!), and as I was sorting through it I found a bill from the Park Nicollet Clinics, for a recent appointment. Yay!

The postdate on the envelope was 7/10/2008. When I opened the bill to see when it was due, the due date was listed as 7/12/2008 (SATURDAY!).

Please, Park Nicollet Clinic, if you want your bill to be paid on time, send it more than two days before the due date, and also make sure that the due date is a business day. Thank you!
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